Opponent Team Names

Would it be possible, when scouting, to see the opponent’s team name? Or would there be an issue with profanity and the need for filters?

There surely would be. 4 Webspinners, AKA “Team &@$% You!” … can of worms the devs do NOT need to open.

Can of Worms would be a great name for a Rock Worm team though.

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We could start a thread where we list our teams and their names. :smile:
Provided they are decent enough of course.

I want the guild name and/or shield shown as well…


I endorse this idea, could be a lot of fun!

I don’t know… Am more on what @Shimrra said… I can already see all the swearing and racism on team names lol… Sammy’s idea sounds better. ^^

I’ll remember who’s side you chose!


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The right one

Hashtag rekt.