Ooops bought sentinels!

its not exactly a bug but i just realised it says:
“next week starts in 0d 15h 3m”

but i bought the sentinels thinking guild war started at todays weekly reset!

is tere a chance our sentinels will not be reset this one time, please?

i think a lot of ppl made same mistake :cry:

or do they count for “next week” = nearest guild war?

Sentinels won’t reset. Monday is preparation day for war that starts tomorrow.


The battles for the previous Guild War would have ended yesterday, so it makes sense that any sentinels you buy today count for this week and the battles still coming up. But yeah, the “next week starts…” thing is confusing, made me hesitate before buying them too.

I interpreted “the next week” to mean when the battles start on 4/25, not when the sentinels will reset on 5/1.

lucky they didnt reset but being able to buy sentinels during an “old week” that will apply to the “next week” is very confusing

and considering one day to not count to neither old week nor the next week is even worse idea

i hope some wording consistency we will get sooner or later :sweat_smile:

i would rather imagine “gw week” should start in mondays just not the “gw fights”