Only getting a loss for every win!


Im playing guild wars, but when im beat my opponent i get a loss! And it happens for my for 3 enemy’s! What can we do about this? In my picture you can see that i have to play my first opponent over and over…

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This bug is affecting many players. This morning a member of my guild just won all his 5 battles for the wonderful total of 0points awarded!!! And the devs seems totally unable to answer me about this! I tagged Saltypatra several times without any answer! Our guild member have video of all these fights that give him 0 points.

Lets tag again @Saltypatra


Let’s hope they fix it @Saltypatra

There is no need to ping Salty constantly about it. The issue is on the Known Issues thread and is being looked into.

Just for references are you on PS4 or Xbox?

Never answering to a customer is not good. We are on Xbox.

I wasn’t saying to not ping Salty, just that one ping is usually enough.

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I just ping her once. (Sorry) im on the xbox one

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

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The problem is every where! It happened to one of us this morning as well!

As a reminder, if this happens, lose you next may h deliberately (play it for real til the computer beats you.) This should reset things so your last 3 matches play out normal. Not ideal but 3-2 with points from 4 of those matches is better than the 0-5 with 0 points.


@Shiratori As many times as you post this correct workaround to the GW bug, 10 new players will read it completely ignore it.

(Keep up the good fight) :wink:

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I have never had this happen to me because i lose 1 a day!:grin:


Anyone know If this is a zero points for tomorrow already bug?

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You can still play, or happened to one of ours last week.

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Yep, lost one today, come on!!!

As @Santandrix mentioned it should be only a visual bug, and they should be able to play as normal. If they end up not being able to play the full 5 games then a ticket to support might be helpful to facilitate tracking down the cause.


its working as intended!