One troop defence

Why do players have a one troop defence? I have seen that it supposedly makes PVP invade easier but can someone explain specifically how?

The devs have said that it shouldn’t make any difference to your PVP invade selections, but there is anecdotal evidence that says it does. No one knows how or why, but the argument goes that having a weaker defence rating somehow reduces the difficulty of your invasions (and this would also apply to using untraited and low-level troops in your defence team, not just to using a single troop defence).

The other thing that it might do is give you easier options for revenge battles, since lower level players would be able to beat an easy defence, and then when they are offered back to you as revenges, they should be easier to beat than a higher level player.

Oh, and some people just like to be nice, so they’ll put up a one troop defence to give others a break from Wraith, Courage, BD, Courage teams…


I haven’t noticed any difference on my ps4 account in relation to my pvp opponents when using a one troop defense. On Steam/Mobile, I definitely get easier match ups with a single troop on defense but they are also worth less points.

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