One spot left join us!


Madrina’s Marauders is looking for 1 solid, daily player to
become a permanent guildmate on our kick ass team!

Minimum Weekly Requirements:
250,000 gold
1,500 seals
100 Trophies
All Guild Events

We Offer:
Level 6 Guild Chests
Legendary Tasks
Complete All Guild event stages
Friendly, Supportive Environment

This is a friendly group of outstanding people.
Most of us are above level 1,000,
if you’re not, but can do the requirements,
We will help you become a better player!

If you’re interested reply here or message me on discord: madrina#8212

hi i am BK, im interested in joining, hope i make the cut.
INVITE code is : scremez_rzgn
will be waiting
NB if im picked then ill join on monday

Hi BK!
I’ll send an invite to your in game email.

Welcome aboard and I hope we’re a good fit for each other!

Please check in when you’ve joined. Our discord is:

See you soon!

Hey BK -
Sorry, I was half asleep.

An invite won’t go through until you leave your current guild.

So I’ll look Monday & send it as soon as you’re free. :+1: