One game reset for Guild Wars

Ok so I’ve been concerned about Guild Wars , The devs have too it seems … what’s happening I’m guessing low level or impatient players in the first week or so were causing the game to crash to try to fool the AI to reset the game when logging back in hoping to face an easy opponent , so that action has affected players with legitimate game crashes such as Pc/laptop dying and then now when logging back in it’s counted as a loss only other way you could do it is have a 2nd device with you still logged in to finish the battle… we are not asking for much if ppl want to abuse the system, why should actual proven experienced players suffer from these ppl ruining it for everyone else… One Reset only even in golf they allow it I’m not a complainer I’m advocating for the genuine player who loses to a team they could’ve beaten with their eyes closed because of some action out of their control please all experienced players support this important change or remove the reset from arena also … if you won’t listen to our genuine concerns arena is nowhere as important as Guild Wars…

when/if an error during guild war fight occures - you can screen shot that and send a ticket
(not sure what would that result on but perhaps something?)

also, that may not solve your issue, but - make sure you dont have gow apps opened on any other device when you play gw fights otherwise THAT might couse you the error.

Ty but the matter relates to something else entirely

This is a real problem, but there isn’t an easy solution, as I’ve learned working on similar games. From the games point of view, there is no difference between a legit crash and a forced/fraudulent one. Giving a mulligan means everybody gets a mulligan, even the players trying to game the system. So now those with legit issues are losing the “free mulligan” everybody else gets, so do you give them two? Another option I’ve heard here and elsewhere is to cache the state in the game until your connection is restored, but unfortunately that could lead to device hacking, and modifying the data to be submitted. I don’t envy the devs, since they do need to figure out something “better”, but realistically that might not be possible.

TLDR: Having an illegitimate loss counted against you sucks, but there’s really nothing that can be done.

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There’s no reason to open a ticket. They can’t retroactively change losses into wins.

We have 2 or 3 people in our guild that have had wins mysteriously become losses or even had a single match count as a win AND a loss. They put in tickets and were basically told “we’ll figure out how to fix it but you’re out of luck”.

All I’m saying if they can reset in arena , why not once a day in Guild Wars if not then move the reset from arena also then everything. Will be copacetic

makes sense but i suppose they could ‘refund’ (add) the attack/energy thing so that ppl can attack again

else at least it would show them how many ppl experience this… just a thought