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On some units where the skill shows a gem count, when you switch out of the weapon and back to it, it doesn't appear

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Steps to make it happen again

This is easy to reproduce with a weapon such as Mountain Crusher.

Get in a battle with MC, then click the hero with MC.

On the left hand side, we can see the Brown Gem count.

Then click on the trait or unit icon, and then back to the Weapon icon. The gem count doesn’t appear anymore.

This can also be reproduced with any unit/weapon that shows a gem count.

For example, click Yao Guai once, it shows red and purple count.

Then click the unit’s icon, and back to the weapon icon. It doen’t appear again:

Hey @Megalex Thanks for this!

Please let me know:

  1. What game modes does this happen in? (or what modes have you noticed it occur in)
  2. What Troop/units are on your Team + The enemy team? What are their Traits?
  3. Please confirm this is the correct steps to reproduce the problem:
    Play a battle with Yao Guai
    Select Yao Guai’s icon
    Select the Weapon on the left card (when there are 3 cards available)
    Notice the Gem Count menu popup
    Click on the middle card, or the Traits card
    Click on the Blade of Despair/Spell card
    Notice that the Gem Count menu is not shown

Is that correct - or, are you closing the Troop and returning to the battle somewhere?

  1. Should happen on all battle game modes

  2. Troop doesn’t matter, but the troop’s spell must show a gem count. Examples are Mountain Crusher, Yao Guai, Infernal King

Get in a battle with one of those unit

Select the unit’s icon, and go to its weapon/spell card. You’ll see a gem count.

Then immediately click either the unit or trait card, then click the spell card again. The gem count won’t appear as it did.