Olympus Has Fallen trophy not unlocking

Platform, device version and operating system: PS4,

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I won all battles of this GW and the trophy did not pop. Yesterday I lost against the Paragon enemy but today I won and I received no trophy.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Can’t tell for sure. I’ll keep playing this week but as long as GW is once a month… That happened with the last patch released today.

Steps to make it happen again
Same as above.

Ok, happened again today. Won the 5 GW fights but the trophy didn’t pop.

Just to confirm this trophy wasn’t already unlocked by any chance? The trophy was implemented over two years ago.

Yep, I’m kinda new on the game and the trophy is locked for me. My guess is that the last patch probably messed something. Last achievers are from the 27th, just a day before the last patch.

Ok just wanted to confirm. Also just to give you a warm welcome, hope your enjoying the game.

Thank you Ghaleon!

Just a heads up, the trophy It’s A Long Way To The Top didn’t pop for me either. After posting the issue in a forum, some guy told me it was an old bug re-introduced in this last patch. The workaround was to change my system language to English. The trophy for the V Tier challenge popped just as I entered the challenges tab, but Olympus Has Fallen is still locked. I’ll try again today when the GW battle resets.

Ok, trophy popped with system language to English. Devs, please, can you check that? AFAIK, it’s and old bug.

Other trophies are affected too. Please devs, fix.