Old Request - Beta Program


I (and others) have brought this up years ago and I figured its worth it to repost the idea. It’s long past time the developers create an ACTUAL, real, legitimate beta test program (I’m not counting that thing from a few months ago with the forum icons). Have them sign NDAs or whatever. The developers need objective, varied, critical feedback, not yes men (and women) that need to keep their paycheck.

UI unattractiveness aside, usability/visibility issues should never have hit production. Period.

3.2 Feedback and Suggestions

I would like to throw my hat in the ring to be a beta tester I can do mobile or PS4.


I’d be willing to do actual beta testing (the not fun kind) for Steam and the iPad.


QFT. Regardless of whether people think the new UI is attractive or not, issues like this that make it fundamentally harder to interact with the game should have never gone live.


I would test for xbox or ps4.


PC Steam and Android, and someone who has 25 years of testing back end server and client/server transactions, load balancing and memory. I’ve offered as well over and over.