Old/New Mini-Game: Siege

Remember Puzzle Quest?
Remember how you could capture cities which would then generate income for you to collect?
Or how there was a chance that they’d rebel, forcing you to retake them via Siege?
Well, what if something similar were introduced to GoW?

How it could work:

Obviously, like PQ, we already have Kingdoms and Tributes.
The way I see it, players are now given the option to rule with an iron fist.
Upon selecting any currently owned kingdom, you would be able to increase the
chance and/or amount of tribute, while likewise raising the probability of rebellion.

As above, said kingdoms no longer provide any tribute until you quash the rebels with the mini-game.


PQ and PQ2 both had lots of mini-games that gave real interest and variety (and some darned hard puzzles). Hopefully GoW will gain those as time goes by - we have Treasure Hunt so far…

We was hoping for minigames after arena. Hopes lost since then, even the existing TH doesn’t get an overhaul to make it worth starting.