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OK what do I do next?

I have every card that I own fully traited and at their max level. there’s 8 cards total that I don’t own. what do I do now?

Play pvp/TH/arena? Collecting cards isn’t the only thing to do in the game, is it? Or I suppose you could hang out in Global until something comes up.

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I suppose you can brag about it on an Internet forum :slight_smile: Congratulations on your accomplishment!


Craft or open chests to get the other 8?


Thanks for letting us decide for you! :joy::ok_hand:
You could drop the game and watch all the episodes of Mythbusters. You might get finished before xmas if you start now.


Been doing that, no luck yet…no crafting until Pharos Ra becomes available.

I can’t tell if that’s Sincere Or Sarcastic.

I’ll pass on that…Seen ALL of the mythbusters that I can handle already. Kari Byron was the main reason I watched it anyway.

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craft the remaining missing cards :stuck_out_tongue:

other spossible goals in game:

  • chase the top pvp leaderboard fame
  • improve personal win streak
  • experiment to make new teams with new units, there is always room for improvement at the least for gw offense/defense
  • improve treasure hunt personal score (there is a thread for it too)
  • hang out in game chat, help low levels create their first viable teams
  • start an alt account with different principles (for example keep most of the kingdoms below lv10 so it stays low stats, would differentiate gameplay from your main acc)
  • finish off all chellenges and quest lines, max out all hero classes
  • work on an impressive stats/resources number combinations “444” “101010” etc to post in the cool screen shot topic
  • start hoarding gold to bath in it
  • play some arena for a change
  • hunt down and report bugs
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