Oh, okay, so that's how it's going to be



If your luck runs like mine does, I can guarantee that you will get a Valraven in the first room after you purchase tier 1.


I think I was able to complete all tasks in a weekly event one time, without using any gems. I’ve since just been purchasing two by default, just to speed up the process.

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Ouch, unlucky.

I normally spend the 30 gems at start just so every troops starts enchanted. Fast teams even faster.

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Yeah, the guaranteed finish has always been purchasing tier I. At least it isn’t like class events where you have to pay regular event prices and buy tier 5 to finish for one orb total. It’s just 30 gems.

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I will see your result and raise you.

Yes, I had another sigil left. This is where I would have been if I had gone Tier 0.