Oh Lady Nysha, have "pitty" on me (us)

I play a lot. Too much in fact. But RNG doesn’t care how active you are. It still comes down to “luck” sometimes. One of the cases applies to Explore Token drop rates. But “lucky” for us… The Soul Forge exists as a “pitty timer” for those with bad luck.
Unfortunately, lots of new aspects of the game have been added and not addressed in the Soul Forge.
I believe the devs already said no to Chaos Orbs.

Crafting tokens (such as Nysha) would be possible.
It would just be nice to have soul forge resources be used for an overwhelming end game aspect like “medalling all the troops”.

I haven’t had to craft a troop in years and I imagine I’m not the only end gamer in this boat.

I get that you probably want me to pay real money for Nysha medals. I doubt there’s a lot of any free to play players who have gone years without crafting in the forge. So basically my reward currently for my patronage over the years is a lot of resources that are basically useless to me. (I won’t annoy you by showing all of them.) Which honestly keeps me wallet in my pocket because these present resources should be helping me get Nysha Tokens. Not be an active reminder of how I’m supposed “pay money for being unlucky”.


I think that’s ok add nysha token to soulforge.
as they all mythic level.
it add a way to arrange ur time.a way convert ur valuable resource to times more than explore loop.

Crafting tokens won’t be possible until the developers introduce a new item which requires a new currency and/or grind. Freemium games won’t let elder players use their excessive spare resources to instantly get the latest and greatest toy.

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