Oh hi, is this game back to being fun yet?

Do you remember me? I’m the negative Nancy that pooped all over this game when they decided to implement… I don’t remember what but I didn’t like it. Delves, probably, or some other thing that wanted me to pay money to spend 100 hours to pay money. Battle pass? Am I thinking Paladins? ANYWAYS.

I fired up Puzzle Quest as I do once a year every year, and installed this wonderful creation to check out what’s new. Delves are still a thing I see. I ran into some… creature that was meant to give me “extra loot”? It wasn’t a gnome though. Couldn’t figure out what I got from it, but I was at least happy that Infernus still works.

So, do gooders of the modern population, tell me what’s new?

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Tower of Doom is I think the only major event past Delves that was implemented. It’s a guild-based week-long event that happens every 4 weeks. It’s like a 4-room Delve. Each room has a random scroll, one of them will be the “unlock scroll”. That opens a boss room. Beating the boss room gets you a doodad used to upgrade the event weapon and moves you to the next floor. The other 3 rooms have random scrolls that do random things. Guild leaderboards are based on how many boss rooms are defeated (and one random scroll simulates beating multiples.)

The twist: within your guild, which scroll is in which room is identical for everyone. So if someone’s already cleared the first floor, they can tell everyone else where the unlock scroll is and if it’s worth doing any other floors. So some early people tend to blaze a trail and do the mapping, then the latecomers do whatever is optimal.

Other than that the big major difference is the concept of “Which class am I?” is a per-team thing now and changing classes is free. A side effect is a lot of your teams have been reset to “no class” so get on top of that. In Arena, there is always “no class” so you can’t level classes there anymore.

The troop you saw is a “Battlecrasher”, it’s a new kind of event sort of like gnomes… which I can’t remember if they were new before or after Delve. The idea with “Battlecrasher” is some rando troop has a somewhat high % chance of replacing a PvP troop. Like a gnome/Valraven, if you defeat it you get a special reward at the end. This week’s Battlecrasher is I think Dire Boar, and the reward’s +5 glory. It’s not much, but it periodically makes tougher PvP battles easier so there’s that.

I hate to end on a bitter note but I don’t know how to be polite here: I’m pretty sure based on prior experiences you will still hate the game, because in my memory I’m not sure you ever liked it.

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I’m glad they figured out how to let us change classes for free. That’s a miracle I didn’t think I’d live to see. The tower thing sounds like… a thing. I don’t really mind it one way or the other.

I liked the game for long enough but in my memory they started moving towards a pay to progress system. I couldn’t remember how exactly until I started stumbling around the menus. Diamonds, pets, whatever else it encourages you to buy to not spend the next 12 hours grinding for it.

Nice every 30 second pop ups asking me to instantly upgrade some funny looking mole for only 19.99. :smirk:

Oh, right. Flash Offers. That’s new too.

If you get a mythic/legendary, you get a 24-hour offer to spend some money on the traitstones to upgrade it. Very meh, the upside is the closer to endgame you are the less you’ll see it since you get new troops so rarely.

A different kind that’s more interesting is just rando sales (that tend to be on weekends). There was a pretty good deal a while back, something like 100 gems for $1.99. The rest of the deals have not been so good.

I forgot about these because I mostly ignore them haha.

If you took a break before delves, than you probably missed the new meta teams as well.

I guess you’re familiar with the ol’ good bonnie/pistol gold teams?
Take that idea, and double the hitting power, more or less. Drop in an extra turn too. Mix in a stealthed hero.

And welcome to the skeleton key empire😁
Never before have been so easy to get millions of gold per week.

You also missed the new status effects, that add an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Bleed (dealing true damage every turn, and stackable up to 4 times/troop), cursed (making you more vulnerable to all status effects, and they last longer), and blessed (a counter for cursed, and making you invulnerable to devour).

So far have been just the clasical troops that grant a random status effect on allies/enemies (like Divinia & Co) that have rsndomly granted them statuses.
But we got recently the first lineup that spawns bleed (Fang Moor faction troops), and we’re due to get the first lineup that pumps out blessed (the week after GW, Drifting sands troops). Cursed troops will prolly come later on.

First battlecrasher came with Sea of Sorrow (or soon after) i think. It was that halloween imp.

I didn’t stick around for more than a few battles. Just doesn’t sit well with me anymore. I went back to Puzzle Quest and that one still holds up. Can’t really ascertain how or why that works out in my brain, but it does.