Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


My draaks havent got reinforcement in a long time tho, so i expecte another one on the next friday xD


Hello guildmates, I though I’d make a meme to describe how I feel whenever I come to this forum recently :blush:



I think imma quit on stashing up on mythic Bcuz I have yet to get one in 5 months of playing. Yup gnna change it up. :fu:t3:RNG lol


Do it! If I hadn’t got the latest one I’d be doing exactly the same thing :slight_smile:


Send me a message to leave if I ever get that way Dddd. :grin:

Don’t let it happen to me man!


Thanks for the offer, I will do!

Don’t worry, you’re not there yet. I also consider myself an endgamer - over level 1k, got all troops except 2, hit the soul barrier, all kingdoms 6 or 7 stars except one.

I’m still enjoying the game though!


No new mythic for me yet though my wife got it (of course lol)


Oh that’s gotta burn! Now she’s just going to rub your face in it til the end of eternity. :smile:

Or at least that’s what my gf does when she pulls a troop I don’t have. She’s like you don’t have that troop yet babe? :expressionless: <—my response. Then she gets increasingly excited. :laughing:


Lol! My wife is pretty much the definition of a sweetheart but she occasionally surprises me with a flash of competitive butt kicking smack talk.


Smells to me like she got wulfgarok :smile:


Yep. Congratz on pulling ABYNISSIA from the Guild Chest, Mr.Urbanity! Have fun using her in this week’s event.

I’m not an endgamer by any stretch of the imagination. Wish I had your RNG luck for my console account… Forget about Mythics, I still haven’t pulled any of the featured event Legendaries there since before Christmas. Strange how the save up Event keys part is NOT working at all, console is going zero for zero for 5 weeks now.


I didn’t get Aby…


OOP! Sorry NYC, confused you with Bad Goldfish, I mean with Evil Carp and her two spanking new Mythics “Absy” and “Joltar”. There’s a lucky ducky. Or fish.


Yea luck and me don’t mix well. Like oil n water. Lol


Great to see you back, mate :grinning: you’ll be missed :cry:


Found something interesting, and a bit alarming.

If you’re attempting to increase the Stars on a city that already has 13 troops officially, and you’ve already put a large number of traits of that kingdom’s troops-- for example, 28 traits completed-- then any increase by soul-levelling up ONE maxxed troop will give only TWO points of kingdom progress.

Two points! That couldn’t be right…

Then I realized the problem’s probably because I don’t actually own the 13th troop. To put a further 6 or 7 Stars on levelled cities, I think you’d have to obtain the kingdom mythics like Pharos-Ra, or the new Jotnar Stormshield.

And yes that does mean there’s a need for DRAAKULIS too :scream_cat: :heart_eyes:


That’s correct.

After 10 troops, each additional troop is worth 10 points instead of 50.
After 30 traits, each additional trait is worth 10 points instead of 25.
After 200 levels, each additional level is worth 2 points instead of 10.


Thank you @Lyya. That info is really handy to know.

Must spend those souls wisely, especially when I’m running out :ghost:


Yup I was like :scream: when I first found out.