Official Mean Machine / Angry Sprockets Guild Chat (All Friends Welcome)


Was planning on fighting for top 100 in wk but seems like everyone is too lol


Hey Machinies! Why so quiet? I hope all of you that are in US had a great Thanksgiving and that the rest of you had a great week. :slight_smile:


yeahh So silence here.

Mmmm Maybe they are planning something hard. Lol.
Also Great week and Thnksgiving to all Mean Machine and all Hoguns.

And why not. To all people.


Thanks @ogunther and @ONOPALAVER, and I hope you too had a good one :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the Holiday cheer!
My week off of work is over and that means I will no longer be silent! :wink:


If someone missed this post :slight_smile:


Hey guildies! Thought I’d stop lurking and start posting! o/


Welcome to the Forums Sam! :wink:


Hello Samuel :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum and our chat :slight_smile:
Feel free to comment or ask anything you want. First drink is on me, @efh313 will pay the rest :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoohoo! Johnny Walker Blue straight!


Interesting choise!
One for you: :tropical_drink: :wine_glass: :cocktail:
Sorry for the wine and cocktail glasses, but our whiskey glasses are all dirty :confused:


Sorry chaps I forgot to start the dishwasher after I had a bit of a session last night :sweat:


I told you to drink from a single glass. . I had to drink from a jar!
I actually used to drink bear from a jar when my ex roommates and me couldn’t agree on who’s turn was to wash the dishes. So we drunk bear from jars, coffee cups, and I’m not sure was I to drunk, but I could swear I saw a guy using a spoon and a plate to drink. .



That’s right I’m buying!!

Cause I just sold @DonBoba’s Mythic Collection on the Black Market in Blackwater!! :laughing: :smiling_imp: :laughing:


Pft how much did you get for those 3 draaks? :stuck_out_tongue:
@HKdirewolf love the new avatar :smiley:


Btw anyone else having problems with accessing chat in game? I can’t do it for about an hour now :confused:


Lol, I love the idea of drinking with a spoon and plate! “Next up on extreme roommate disputes…”


I was on a tear in pvp last night until wind blew my power out :frowning:


I started for like 40 mins then wife looked at me and put on a movie lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: