Offers Menu Post 3.2,5 - Where are these “Starter Bundles”?

I can’t see either of the bundles referring to the three new troops.
If they are not supposed to be there why are they mentioned.
If they are - where can I find them ?

Oh, and what chests are they supposed to be avilable from - in unowned both are showing as epic - are they both epic ?

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Me neither.

Starter bundles are the things offered to brand new accounts for one week after they are created. Previously, Starter Pack 1 would give Archmage Armor, which of course was made the bundle a trifecta of all terrible F2P monetization tactics (limited time offer, big stated “value”, using the items contained may actually hamper your progress). I’m glad they finally took the initiative to at least revamp them a bit.

So newbies can actually BUY the new legendary ? This does not seem right somehow.

WHY am I having to open 33 kingdoms with the unowned filter just to find out what kingdom they belong to?

Dropping the kingdom crest is such a fail imo.

Of course, one had to come from Z so all 33 kingdoms had to be examined​:scream::scream::scream:
Since their kingdoms aren’t stated anywhere else allow me :-

Ser Cygnea = Swords Edge
Sol Zara = Grosh-Nak
Spinnerette = Zhul-Kari

I assume this means none are available from the event chests


THIS. I had to discover it through Lyya’s site.

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