Of the same Race?

What exactly is four troops of the same race. One of the tasks for today. Can I get an example of that.

Race = Troop Type, so 4 troops that are all giants.


4 dwarf troop for example?

i dont know must it be 4 different troops or can duplicates count

That’s a good question also. Thanks for answering mine. That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure as to not waste time.

I don’t think duplicates count back when I was playing on Xbox I got either same race or kingdom and double Pride Hunter didn’t work.


Haven’t tested it in a month or two, but duplicates do not count.

Just sort on Race at the Troops Menu, make a team and you’ll be all set!

Goblin, hobgoblin, goblin king, goblin rocket for example.


4 unique troops of daemons.
For example: Gorgotha, Abhorath, Moloch, Kerberos

Must be unique, NO DUPLICATES