Ode to snotstones a creative fail?

Ode to Snotstones
Whether tis nobler to snot or not.

It blows from the nose dries as it goes.
Tis gangerous green with highest sheen.
A prize to collect and tasty I bet!
Snotstones are joy so my team deploy.
Must gather them in with every win.

So sorry everyone. I got bored. Bad things happen when I get bored.


The rhyme! The meter! The creativity of it all! I bow before you, O Noble Bard!

(Not sarcastic, I really did find it funny.)


Ugh. Just ugh.

(yes, funny… but gross)

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Totally gross, Lynn, but I LOVE IT!!! :smile:

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:+1: Well done.

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The subject matter is a little crude, but only because you guys decided to rename HAGSTONES as Snotstones huh.

Nice meter in your prosody, btw!
Here, have a Kleenex.

EDIT. Omigod Eika, you’re giving me ADHD!


Er… 1) nowhere were they ever called that?
2) and are they hag-coloured? well no…

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You, sir, have no right to complain.


Well done! You know, we used to have a dedicated poetry thread here somewhere…


Here: >> Poems of War <<

Includes my olde limericks and @dhjl’s excellent poetic saga of Hornless…


Well done… well done…

SMH… :clap:
SMH… :clap:
SMH… :clap:


Ooooo Thanks for the poetry link Jainus. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry. I’m quite flummoxed by this. “Frag the Hag” was the first Event rolled out featuring those yellow gemstones. I know neither Frag the Hag nor Soul Raiders are listed on Ashtender, but for some reason when I first read the Event description back in December, I was almost certain it initially said: “Stop the Night Hag! collect [something] stones by defeating Undead troops in PvP or Explore.”

So I must have misread it as “hag stones”. Oh well…

I think that makes perfect sense.:wink:

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Quoting Nim on the patch thread where she is quoting:
Frag the Hag event says " Stop the Night Hag! Gain 1 point for every Undead troop you defeat in PVP or Explore."

As you said it may have changed

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Thanks all! And cool link!

Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t start tracking events until the snowman event so I missed a couple along the way.

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