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Oddly UNsatisfying

Does anyone have any "Oddly UNsatisfying " screenshot about the game? Post it here :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:


This is… argh.

Go blue. Blue is the better colour in so many ways. Blue troops are meta :slight_smile: and who wants brown trousers…?


im dissatisfied with another soul generator being released with exactly same colors red/purple that the rest of them… :sob: i was happy for a second that there is a new soul generator… then i looked up the colors.

Wasn’t there someone in the past fighting for always putting all mastery into brown. This would be a good thread for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is straight up unsatisfying. Nothing odd about it!

Just checking, but you’re bothered by not getting Green so you can keep your masteries exactly even with each other?

Would you rather just get +1 to each mastery each time you achieve 6 levels?

Speaking of that, to help OCD players, should they also do something where you can’t level a kingdom until you can level all the kingdoms at once?

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You write as if OCD is a bad thing… without it this game wouldn’t do half as well…

Now excuse me I have to go re-alphabetise my dvds…


Well, it’s odd because I should have been satisfied to level up, but “oddly” I wasn’t

At least, reading the comments here, I can count how many more OCD players (as @Ssazix said) are playing this game. :wink:

btw, I have experienced a few times another oddly unsatisfying situation: when all your troops are alive, and the enemy has only 1 last troop alive, but that enemy troop survived the last attack with 1 life point left.
You know you will win for sure, but neverthless you are oddly unsatisfied.

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My case: Reaching level 720.
I wouldn’t call it OCD, because it doesn’t prevent us from enjoying the game so it’s not an obcession, we just tend to try our best to keep certain things organized in some sense. :slight_smile:


The funny thing is that I’m not too OCD in life. I think it’s okay for my clothes to fall off my body to the floor before I climb into bed. My office is a mess of half-finished projects and napkins that I’m ‘saving for later’ so I can make them ‘really dirty.’

But video game OCD, yes! I’m the guy that will replay a Starcraft mission until I get through with zero losses. I played minigames for almost two weeks to keep from leveling so I could remain level 420, and it bothers me daily that I can’t get all my kingdoms to the same level of stars.

I like to keep my masteries even, too and it lets me down when I cannot. So yes. I feel your pain.


Same here. It’s easier to be OCD in games then in real life. Ain’t no body got time to organize their stuff, I’m to busy traiting my troops in alphabetic order. .


I hate when that happens. but once you get that green? weapons fall from da sky!!!

i think id like that actually

(not)Oddly, (but totally) unsatisfying:

  1. Not having Maw when it was the meta death machine.
  2. Therefore, not reading any of the Maw threads (didn’t have it, who cares?)
  3. getting 3 Maws at once, leveling them! thinking: whoot “death machine!!!”
  4. playing them, then finding out if you activate 1, all three disable.
  5. Complain in thread, feel dumb for not reading “Maw is nerfed” threads.
  6. drink.
    TOTALLY satisfying: playing someone still using more than 1 Maw, kill team in minutes.