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After weeding out inactives, DarkTaupeTrees has spots open for active players who want to be part of a fast-rising guild! (We’re currently at Elite 1 due to our great team!)

The vast majority of our members are at levels in the 100s. With only 17 members currently, we are still achieving 10,000 Seals per week! Also, those still leveling Kingdoms are having no problem meeting the minimum Gold requirement, with most greatly exceeding it!


  • STAY ACTIVE or advise me if you have a good reason to be inactive. We understand that life happens, and family is more important than a game.
  • GOLD: contributions to Guild Tasks commensurate with your level (1,000 gold minimum).
  • SEALS: 500
  • GUILD EVENTS: participate in all Guild Wars, Invasion, Raid Boss, etc. all days, even if you loose.
  • IN-GAME GUILD CHAT: keep an eye on in-game Guild Chat.


Active guilds attract active players, which in turn benefits every member of the guild. Minimums help earn Rewards which help upgrade Troops and Weapons, level Kingdoms, etc.


If you can meet the minimums and are a team player, we’d love to have you be a part of our Guild! I need your:

  • Invite Code (found in the Settings menu)
  • Current level

NOTE: for the Invite to work

  • You must not currently be in a guild
  • Make sure your Invite Code is the most recent and is spelled correctly

–Gertrude, GM

We have a great bunch of active players in our Guild! We’re looking for other great people to have fun and grow with us.

We still have spots open. One of them has your name on it!