Obsidian/Ebon/Shadow armor (ps4 ver.)


Mayby some1 knows, those 3 armors (exclusive for ps4 versions) is there anyway to check what they gives other than buying them ? -_-


WHAT?! Please tell me what are those armor effects…


WHAT??? tell me this is a joke


WHAT?! I must know of these!


I’d also like to know about the Savage/Wild/Bestial armor on Xbox One, though I’m assuming they have the same stats as their PS4 counterparts.


Exclusive? Or not yet implemented for the other platforms?


I assume exclusive as even between the Xbox1 and PS4 there are differences. Not to mention that apparently the console versions are actually an update behind the mobile/computer platforms.

I’d personally love to see a few screenshots of the console armors, I might even be able to guess their bonuses depending on their position.


I see in the Playstation store(PSN) there are 3 armor sets.
Obsidian armor set
Shadow armor set
Ebon armor set

I can only tell you what the Obsidian armor set bonus is since I bought that set.
it says in game for the Obsidian armor set:

Costume Bonus: +25% Souls, +50% Exp

New or old armor?

Hi All,

All those armors are exclusive to those platforms.

If you would like to see them grab the game on the XBox one or the PS4 :smiley:

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