Obsidian/Ebon/Shadow armor (ps4 ver.)

Mayby some1 knows, those 3 armors (exclusive for ps4 versions) is there anyway to check what they gives other than buying them ? -_-

WHAT?! Please tell me what are those armor effects…

WHAT??? tell me this is a joke

WHAT?! I must know of these!

I’d also like to know about the Savage/Wild/Bestial armor on Xbox One, though I’m assuming they have the same stats as their PS4 counterparts.

Exclusive? Or not yet implemented for the other platforms?

I assume exclusive as even between the Xbox1 and PS4 there are differences. Not to mention that apparently the console versions are actually an update behind the mobile/computer platforms.

I’d personally love to see a few screenshots of the console armors, I might even be able to guess their bonuses depending on their position.

I see in the Playstation store(PSN) there are 3 armor sets.
Obsidian armor set
Shadow armor set
Ebon armor set

I can only tell you what the Obsidian armor set bonus is since I bought that set.
it says in game for the Obsidian armor set:

Costume Bonus: +25% Souls, +50% Exp

Hi All,

All those armors are exclusive to those platforms.

If you would like to see them grab the game on the XBox one or the PS4 :smiley:

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