Obone report 10-21

10-21 obone’s Report
Ghulvania will now be 15 stars!
Arcane Spirit x 2 Traitstone in shop
With this traitstone you can trait up the following…
Class - Necromancer
Legendary - Abhorath, Psion, Queen Mab
Mythic - Abynissia, Death, Pharos-Ra, Skadi, Zuul’Goth
A very good stone. Stock up while it’s on sale. Trait all troops above.
Event Keys - Legend - Crimson Bat and Umberwolf Mythic(expect to use no less than 600 keys) - Draakulis and The Gray King
Gem and glory Keys - Save for November’s new mythic (looks real good)
Guild Wars
Tuesday Faction Event - Sunken Fleet
Wednesday Pet Rescue - Mini mimic
Thursday Class -
Friday new class - Diabolist from Blighted Lands

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