Objective-Oriented Team Building

After about two years of play, and prompted by a question from a new fellow guild member, I sat down and wrote a team-building guide.

My goal is to give players an effective framework for thinking about how to play. Step-by-step instructions on how to get around the game interface are not really covered.

Here’s the link to the google doc:

GoW: Objective-Oriented Team Building - Google Docs

I hope the community finds it helpful. I’d love feedback on how to improve it.

If you leave questions here, I’ll occasionally pop back in to try to answer them. Please feel free to comment directly in the google doc as well.


Its well-written, I don’t have much to add.

I would make a note of Deathmark as a dangerous status. And I would say something about “win conditions” in your objective section. i.e. the objective is to devour something with Maw and kill everything with skulls. Or board control via a Hellcat-Alchemist loop. That sort of thing.

You may want to say something about making counter-teams for the meta defense teams. I’m not sure what lower-level learners have to deal with though.

Win conditions in the Objectives section is a huge oversight. Thanks. I’ll fix it.

Deathmark is a novelty power from my POV, but I will add the note. My terrible luck means I don’t get to see that 10% come to fruition, except AGAINST me. :slight_smile: But it’s fun enough that I have a rarely-played silly team around it.

I went an entire year before playing PvP or joining a meaningful guild. I don’t know if that’s normal for most players or even beginners.

Also, I can’t seem to find a clear definition of “meta,” so I’m ill-equipped to confront that topic.

Found what I was looking for:

As it says, the whole ‘no single strategy is dominant’ and you may have to deal with team types A B C D E and F in a given 30mins. And if you’re not in a position to just bulldoze them no matter what they use, then you may need to devise specific counter teams for each.

i.e. if they have an excellent skull-based team that works vs anyone not running Entangle, you make a team with Entangle. Bring out barriers or devour immunity vs Maw. Etc.

Thank you, a clear enough explanation. I myself think sometimes about principles on team building, for example, “damager / mana generator / protector / booster” or “damager 1 / mana generator 1 / mana generator 2 / damager 2”.

BTW, has anyone discovered “non-transitive” loops? Like “rock-paper-scissors”, but with teams: team A beats team B, team B beats team C, but team C beats team A.

1 thing I wish I knew sooner when I started out, don’t match skulls when there’s a gorgotha or other skull reduction troop up front unless he’s stunned or you can deal enough damage to kill him. Better to gain some mana and hit him with ability than waste a turn and deal 5 damage :roll_eyes: