Nysha Droprate

Anyone know what the drop rate is for Nysah tokens ?? I’m finally strong enough/ have the troops to run fast E12, and in over 3000 trophies, I have found 2 Tokens!!

Everytime I get yet another Gaard/Yasmine feels like a punch in the gut. Surely the Devs don’t want them to be that rare that It’s actually frustrating. Bag of crap

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You can look here (started with datamined charts by @EliteMasterEric):

And here is what I ended up with when I decided to drop counting the drops (pardon the pun):


Unfortunately, yes they do. The game is a grind. If we actually in a moment of full elucidation thought about what we are doing here and not getting even at a grind rate-we would stop. That is how low the drop rate of anything top end we think we need appears. ‘Think we need’ is intended. Bless though, those souls that prove the detail of the grind with their data.

Anyway, captives of the grind. Grind on. The grind is working as intended until individual players dont give a…

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Not sure who to give credit to for this one:


Every token you get in E12 has a 2% chance to be a Nysha one. E12 drops 2.5 token on average, so you’ll get a Nysha token roughly every 20 boss chests. This doesn’t take mimics into account, which improve the average slightly.


Nysha for me have been extremely difficult to find. I am level 1400 plus, explore level 12 only for 95% of the time and have done enough explore to level 100 troops to gold elite (although i havent used all medals to reach this number) at various base rarity. Despite this I am still one token short of my 3rd nysha medal so its pretty grim dropwise. The other respondents are correct; the stuff you are really going to need is disappearing from the game in general. Deeds (imperial in particular), writs etc used to pop up regularly in adventure board or daily offers but those days are gone. The only realistic way to get imperial deeds seems to be campaign pass. Similarly, nysha do pop up in offers from time to time but its a cash sale. Its great that you have the troops to do high explore now. Grind away and just forget about nysha to alleviate disappointment. Eventually you will get a nice surprise but that could be months away.

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Has there been any documented triple Nysha drop? Seen 2 nysha tokens in a single chest, but wondering if there’s a limit to the token rarity on that 3rd slot…
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Assuming there’s been a 20% buff (Mimics) and you play E12 exclusively, then I believe you should expect to have (after one full year of playing, on average):

1 E12 chest per day, for a total of 365 E12 chests:
22 Gaards, 28 Yasmines, 49 Orpheus, 15 Aranaeas, 6 Anuses, 2 Nyshas.

2 E12 chests/day, 730/yr:
44 Gaards, 56 Yasmines, 97 Orpheus, 29 Aranaeas, 12 Anuses, 5 Nyshas.

5 E12 chests/day, 1825/yr:
110 Gaards, 140 Yasmines, 243 Orpheus, 73 Aranaeas, 30 Anuses, 12 Nyshas.

10 E12 chests/day, 3650/yr:
219 Gaards, 280 Yasmines, 487 Orpheus, 146 Aranaeas, 61 Anuses, 24 Nyshas.

15 E12 chests/day, 5475/yr:
328 Gaards, 420 Yasmines, 730 Orpheus, 219 Aranaeas, 91 Anuses, 36 Nyshas.

20 E12 chests/day, 7300/yr:
438 Gaards, 561 Yasmines, 973 Orpheus, 292 Aranaeas, 122 Anuses, 49 Nyshas.


The chance for a triple Nysha in E12 is 0.5 x 0.02 x 0.02 x 0.02 = 0.0004%, or 1 in 250000 boss chests. For all practical purposes it doesn’t really matter if this is somehow getting prevented from happening. :wink:

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It should actually be less than that, because not every boss chest drops three tokens. I don’t know what the percentages are for 2 tokens vs. 3 tokens, but (for example) if it were 50/50 you should then take that 1:250k and cut it in half again.

He already did that with the 0.5x

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Low probability aside, it would be interesting to know if there have been any documented instances, since we know that whenever drop rates are not revealed, anything can happen with this company.

If the drops are A, B and C: what is the best documented combined drop for an AB? Double Nysha? That should be quite common at 1/5000 Explore12 chests open in active guilds. Has it been documented?
What about a Nysha-Anu drop (I may have seen this one, but going from rusty memory)?

If not, it could suggest that one of the AB drops is capped in rarity, thus making it actually impossible to get certain combinations.

Not a particularly important curiosity seeing how multiple Nysha drop daily for Explore12 grinders, but one easily put to rest if anyone who has tracked their drops happens to have some data on this.
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Thank you for all your replys, very interesting thank you. So I would say I am within the 2% range. 4 hours Today, 1 Nysha, so got my 1st badge! Seems my choices are grind and get frustrated or wait for the offer to pop up frowning_face:

You actually want to grind at a reasonably steady pace, because you’ll eventually need a really huge number of lower rarity medals for kingdom power requirements. Getting Nysha tokens is just a neat side effect.

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I had a dbl nysha once despite my low nysha success overall. Pretty sure I saw a screenshot of a mimic mythic drop with 5 nysha somewhere.

I have 4 nysha medals and 1 nysha badge, 2 nysha tokens at the moment after 3 months. So I think it’s not that terrible to farm.

lol. My luck is at the other end of the spectrum. The above is my count since day 1. This is the problem with RNG…statistics dont apply equally to all players. You get lucky or you don’t. Saying its not bad to farm reflects your own experience. Mine has been vastly different. Same with verse gnomes…totally askew distribution.


A little update, i’m at over 7k trophies for this week, and have just the single badge. About 4 hours Today not a single one. I’ve given up, they are not worth the grind and frustaraion. I know it’s only a game, but I was so close to uninstalling Today, surely the game designers don’t want to p!ss the player base that much?, I have only been playing for 45 days, well that’s when I got my first achievement, so better get used to the crappy RNG!!

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I think we share the same RNG because my verses are about the same as yours, I have over 30 verse 1 and 4, yet only 5 verse 2 and 7 verse 3