Nymph able to target stealthy troops when on defense

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox and switch.
Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
On offense I can’t target stealthy troops but noticed during pet battles it always hits stealthy troops. Set it up myself and it can definately hit stealthy troops but only on defense.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always when it is on defense. As long as I can remember.

Steps to make it happen again
Put the troop on a defense team and play against it.

Finally someone bothered to report this :smiley:
It actually hits the first unentangled troop

Since Nymph hits the first unentangled troop when on defense, it essentially makes her spell random and stealthy will not protect you from it. It doesn’t work like that on offense because you have to chose a troop to target. Not saying it’s right, just saying that’s the way it works.

So why dont they make any other troops with an ability like this? Hits a random troop or the first troop with its spell or a trait that does not have the affect it is applying? If it is not in the code than why is this troop doing it?

My reaction to this was similar - “Cool! I hope they use it on something intentionally.”

Just like when there was that bug where things could indiscriminately target either side for a couple weeks. Wish we had troops that actually used that.


Oh yes. The Elspeth bug. Most fun I’ve ever had with a game bug, ever.

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As much as “first unentangled” counts as untargeted, I think this is a bug because this is not how the troop would behave on offense.

We can call it trivial and low-priority now, but we know how this goes. Bugs dismissed as harmless today show up tomorrow when there’s a troop with an ability like, “Death mark a troop, with a 30% chance to destroy it.” It’s best to fix things before they are a problem.


Bumping this because it’s still a bug that has not been acknowledged by a dev.

Nor is it currently on the known issues list that hasn’t been touched in 16 days.

Furthermore, the issue isn’t exclusive to Pet Rescues. It can happen anywhere that a Nymph is on defense.
I assume the AI is told to Target the first untangled troop.
A simple “unless the troop has stealth or is immune to entangle” should fix it. Right now you have a troop that ignores the rules of the game.
When you ignore bugs like this, you are causing mistrust and wonder about how many other troops aren’t “playing by the rules” when controlled by the AI. :man_shrugging:


Hey sorry for not acknowledging before now but this is a known issue, we actually poked the team about it again just yesterday.