Null Sphere + Gar'Nok

I just got my purple mastery to level 40, which unlocked the Null Sphere hero weapon. The text of that weapon says it reduces any enemy’s magic to 0. How does that play with summoners like Gar’Nok? If I recall correctly, his spell summons a level [magic+0] Orc. What happens if his magic is zeroed out by the Null Sphere?

He should still summon at least a level 1 orc.

I’ve run tests, and it works like I said with all summoners. Using Null sphere on them will still make them lose their ability to summon, but the summoned unit won’t have its level boosted by magic, so it’ll be on level 1.

The same way summoned units can’t have a lvl higher than 15, I guess they can’t have a lvl lower than 0 :wink: