NPC's giving gems

Has anyone else had one of their NPC’s give them gems or any other items? I just won a battle in the new land Darkstone and Luther popped up after and said I gave you some gems let’s use them for keys or something like that.

Not sure I’ve seen that, but I HAVE had a gem from a defense battle my team won for me. Very pleasant surprise. :smiley:

Whoa… never seen/heard that?

Anyone else?

I had it too, like it was a new player tutorial. I’m not sure if it actually gave me gems or not, and when I tapped on the store nothing unusual showed up so I closed it and that was that.

That sounds like the tutorial to teach new players about keys.

I got the Luther tutorial also when completing Darkstone (cool name by the way).

And like @Elendil52 I once had a Gem from a defence victory (a few weeks back). Been looking for a repeat to screen capture, but alas it has no recurred & I had started to wonder whether I imagined it.

Can the Dev’s comment under what circumstances this occurs?

Had it too. Luther saying he gave me some gems and suggesting I trade it in for keys. Haha.

I am 100% certain that once I got a key from defending (done know if it was a won or lost defence). Never saw a gem though.

I will try to complete Darkstone quickly to see it (:

You don’t have to. I got it in the first chapter. I think it is a random thing though.

If it is supposed to be a tutorial it should definitely not be random xD

It shouldn’t appear for players after the first few levels too. :smile:

The tutorial re-triggered for me on a recent previous update (either Wild Plains or 1.0.7) and I got a few extra gems with my second run through the tutorial.

No tutorial with Darkstone update for me though.

I just finished Darkstone’s quests, no gems from Luther. I’m guessing that happens if Darkstone is one of the first places you go after Broken Spire or something; been too long since I was that much of a newbie to remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been awhile since I did the tutorial so yeah that makes sense. I don’t believe I received any gems though, he popped up a couple more times and my gems stayed the same. That would of been interesting if the NPC’s would give items like Kingdoms though.

I’ve never seen the tutorial re-trigger itself. I actually went through Darkstone to get Demetraxia because I couldn’t be bothered burning through hundreds of keys for her right now - didn’t get the tutorial then either.

those who defend hardcore and win get glory, souls, gold, gems, keys it is actually a good idea to hard defend if you just want afk awards but that is dependent on you. Or you can try revenge that may or may not get same rewards

It’s rare to get gems or keys.
The rest is true, though it’s a rather minuscule amount so the rewards aren’t very worthwhile.

true also revenge has one upside to defending and that is the fact that you can get maps. i would like to get more rewards for making a great defense team. Also i wish i could opt in to being attacked or opt out of being attacked.