Now You're Feeling The Midas Touch! (Team-building! Tips and Assistance Welcome!)


You know them as Team Leprechaun, Team ‘Could Be A Crackhead!’, Team Trinidad James…

Here they are, Team Midas Touch!

Dwarven Miner

This team is so good at making gold, you would swear the market for gold would sway! It is so easy for me to reach the gold cap, it’s like I don’t even have to try…but there in lies the main problem…

That’s all this team really does is produce gold, it very rarely wins at all, which as I learned makes Merchant useless as the card with Merchant has to survive the battle for it’s effect. Even when I lose I usually meet the gold cap because of all the gold made between tons of 4/5 Matches off Alchemist combine with Finley’s gold (and potential 4/5 Matches) and Tyri’s gold, but I feel like Dwarven Miner is just plain useless and could be easily replaced. Also, if I get Merchant to trigger, it will pretty much make up for the gold lost from Miner, especially once I get Merchant on Finley as well.

I accept and tips and tricks with this one.

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The answer closest to the spirit of your request is–pick a strong team of three cards that you like & that synergize well, and then choose a 4th card that generates extra gold.

The answer that the average player comes up with is: the gold cap is ~200 gold per match. But every single PVP victory will net the player somewhere between 500 and 5,000 gold. So if the goal is to accumulate gold (maybe you’re really into fielding a themed team & the RP aspect?), the rewards from PVP are far, far superior.

What’s the point of such a thing ? make 300 gold per match doesn’t sound interesting, you might as well just go PvP and you’ll earn (for me it’s the smallest amount) 1400G per fight.

Is it your goal in life to duplicate threads instead of just posting in a thread about the same damn subject i made yesterday? Stealing all the golds - #23 by mkshandley

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I’m not active with all your thread postings, in fact this is the first topic I’ve made in a while and I’ve been less active once I became familiar with some of the people that hang here and how they act, so quit assuming things @wskill

@Personette Thank you for giving me some actual advice, I had a bad feeling that may be what I’d have to do. It seems I’ll just be taking my Medievallica on the road for some tours to sell some albums and make some dough. Seems like it could work, what with Elwyn having Greedy and Alchemist already making 4/5 Matches super easy along with Merchant. It works even better with the theme, Alchemist making gold (which is a metal, probably to make Elwyn’s instruments look supafly!) and Elwyn being the main focus and being money-grubby as a starving artist.

Its actually not that very active here to begin with so why not look at the active topics first.

templar, priestess, tyri, mercy. trait to full. it wins games but you should trait the from front troop to back to make it really effective. Makes maw/mercy a joke if you are a good player but it is hard to run.

I believe if you use the standard Hero/Treant/AnointedOne plus Alchemist*, Valkyrie*, Banshee, you can generate more than enough gold AND reach the cap limit on Souls. Simply make sure to cast as many Alchemy and Valhalla spells as possible before polishing off the final enemy troop.

Don’t get cocky though. If that final troop has any opportunity to destroy your remaining troops, it’s safer to kill it off sooner than later. Winning is still better than losing overall.

The game, as you may have noticed by now, gives greater rewards for winning matches than it does for losing them. You’re sort of working at cross-purposes if you build teams whose strong point is merely farming gold, followed by losing. Just my 2¢’s worth. :slight_smile: