Now that I got Bone dragon - should he just sit on the shelf

Ahh today’s Gem Chest unleashed Bone Dragon

I have enough souls to put him and I am bored enough to go farm for his traitstones…

But you know I am so tired of this thing showing up in match after match, I think I am going to just let him sit on the shelf and collect dust until I really need to get the points for that kingdom to get to 8 stars.

what do you think?

Leveling and traiting him doesn’t mean you have to necessarily USE him. So I guess the question is, do you need/want the souls for anything else? If not, then might as well level and trait him and get it over with, and THEN let him collect dust :stuck_out_tongue:


I can use the souls and stones on other folks. I’m still a mid level player.

Enjoy him while you can…
Nerf is coming


Also worth considering that there will most likely be a refund offered for BD when the nerf DOES hit… so maybe go with @Sidousai’s suggestion and enjoy him while you can.



I do probably go with Keeper of Souls, at least he will forever create some control in the matches, and he is very strong…

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Disenchant him out of spite :stuck_out_tongue:


I had actually considered that…doing a little techno wizardry while disenchanting him.

Someone else suggested that I find one of those bone dragon teams and just have a team to play against them… not sure how I feel about that.

I just have no idea why people put Bone Dragon on Defense teams… other than just to be annoying.


Nailed it. Game set match.


I’m amazed at how many people have responded to the call to change their home kingdom from whitehelm but still use a wraith/courage/BD defence.

Changing your kingdom represents a tangible loss in the amount of glory that you get. It’s a really selfless move.

But using bone dragon is just straight up annoying - you aren’t helping with events, a lot of people just avoid playing you and so you miss out on even more glory from revenge battles.

What the heck people?!

Anyway, I agree that you should level and trait so you can play around with him in your attack team, and then consider getting a refund when 3.0 comes out and he gets the nerf.


USE HIM! Nobody has ever denied that he is a freaking Blast to use when INVADING! All the complaints and “noise” on the forums has been about people throwing it up as an annoying defense team. As long as you don’t make a defense team with him, you will not bring dishonor on yourself! :wink:


You should definitely use him for attacking especially when facing event troops with the 50% bonus he destroys anything in half the time any other team will but please do not use him on defence.


Okay I will use him for my Offense team.

He’s never touching defense - even if an event calls for him…not happening.

Thanks everyone for the advice and support.

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