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Going up against Sister’s defense is always slightly annoying. This was a bit worse than usual.

Nerf plz!

EDIT: Gorgotha’s text read “Explode 84 random gems.”

EDIT 2 (spoiler): I forgot that some people take this game way too seriously. This is an explanation that the above picture is of a bug that happened in PvP. I have no thoughts about Abynissia whatsoever. My idea was to put the headline there, people expecting a rant and then seeing this. I don’t expect you to LOL but perhaps a chuckle or a slight shiver. Yes, I won, but that was more luck than anything.

EDIT 3: Yupp, I’m the joke :blush:

If you still won, why do you want it nerfed?!

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Because I nearly peed myself.

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Haha, took a while to beat it then?!


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Yeah. But I was lucky as well. Gorg didn’t land a single hit. Justice gave me mostly new turns. I usually let Emperor take the first hits as I grind yellow/red. That first turn you’re seeing had me think for a bit. I couldn’t get the yellow match at the bottom since that would give the AI a free green 4-match. I also didn’t want to take 39 to the face first turn. Ended up starting by matching those skulls.

Didn’t think I had a chance tbh :smile:

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What difficulty is that?

LOL. It’s PvP.

What’s so funny?

There are no difficulty settings in PvP

There actually is, if you play on casual. And, honestly, that’s the only reason I can think of for such high stats, especially at the beginning of the battle. I mean, I’ve just checked sister’s team and it’s a lot weaker than that.

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That’s the funny part. It’s a bug, not a difficulty setting.

Oh, you hadn’t mentioned it before, so I didn’t realise it was a bug. I thought her being OP was because of the high stats.

I personally didn’t find her that OP, tbh. I find Famine more annoying. :slight_smile:

In Warlord 4, stats are multiplied by 3. Let’s see.

Gorgotha’s health : 129, multiple of 3
Gorgotha’s health : 165, multiple of 3
Gorgotha’s attack : 78 (minus 2 for deamon buff, minus 1 for Apocalyptic buff), 75, multiple of 3

Do I need to go on?

So, bug or not, you beat that on Warlord 4, how does that qualifies her as OP?
This post looks more like bragging to me than a honest complaint.


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Haha. I’m not bragging. I could have left out that I beat it but I figured someone was going to ask anyway so I added it.

It’s simly a bug that had me sweating and I thought it would be funny to share :slight_smile:

Time to add an “Edit 2” since you seem to think it’s something else than a joke.

You know what. You’re probably right. I’ve been playing for way too long and I must have hit casual without noticing. I never play casual so I didn’t know.

I’m the joke, now laugh at me will you!

Actually that happens once in awhile. I fought a Skullspam on ranked pvp with insane stats. I wasn’t even on warlord 4 and it apparently was warlord 4 stats on ranked? I only ever go 2. It hasn’t happened since though. Really weird bug

Sister is not a bot confirmed, someone had to open those chests, and build a team for defence.

that doesnt confirm anything, eventually the person who uses bot can come back to the interface and play themslf for a hour for a change