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Note is hard to read (for me)

So I know I am blind as all heck, but I have doubts that even normal-seeing people can tell me what it says here in the top right on the loading screen. Or can you? What is this status message? It’s obviously not the usual “servers are online/offline” thing, but something very long.


It’s their gw apology note

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Whoa, you must have the best eyes in the world… or maybe I just really am the worst at seeing anything at all. :open_mouth: Alright, guess that is intended then. Thanks!:grinning:

On xbox in game map I can click on it to expand it.
Oops gw almost started running this week, 12 days early. We apologize blah blah

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Oooh okay. I shut the game down to make the post here before it loaded fully since I figured it was some “servers are offline” message like it usually is. Should have checked to see it loaded. I still think that maybe this was not the best place to put the message (as it cannot be expanded at the loading screen), but oh well. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again.

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