Not spending a single € anymore

So lately I’ve just been buying the campaign pass to keep up with the deed books, but now there’s even more deed books after more paywalls, there’s no point trying to keep up anymore and I’m gonna stop spending anymore money on this greed.

I like the game but the greed is destroying it.

Just a bit of feedback from a vip 10 player, do with it what you will



Agree witch you. Greed is reaching a disgusting point. Look at this pet, more than 50 bucks…
For less than 15 we have a full month or WoW, another level of quality.


Havent paid for this campaign yet. But i was going to before it ends.
Havent bought the kingdom pass thing, I was considering it.
The books in the Legends Reborn would be really good to have.

But with all the bugs the new patch brought. And the old bugs nobody fixed (kingdom pass x vault event etc). I really dont feel like paying more.

I think ill buy some ice cream for myself instead.


For not buying the campaign pass, KD pass and Legends reborn can you buy easy a month of delicious ice cream of high quality!
The thing what is MISSING here more and more!!!

BON APETIT :yum: :yum:


I completely concur, except sadly I am vip 15 and ice cream sounds really good atm


It’s not just greed. Now they have time gates to prevent progress. Seriously, what is the point of that?


I first started playing this game on December 5th, 2015 (thank you TrueAchievements for recording that date). I am VIP Level 4. I’ve spent a little money here and there. But I have never really found any value in any of the stuff you can purchase for real money.

I’ve always seen it as incredibly overpriced for what is offered and nothing more than a speed boost to get something. I bought the Campaign Pass only once and then decided to never buy it again as it wasn’t worth the money as the pet was just cosmetic and I don’t think I’ve ever used the mythic troop in battle.

For me the game really started going downhill and become more monetized with each update starting with 4.7, when everything really stared focusing on how to get the player to spend more money to unlock something that they may never get or take years to get through playing without spending money.


$80 for this event is a bit outrageous. For less I can pre order Spiderman coming to Steam this August.


Legends reborn is so disgustingly expensive. Im VIP level 5, i spend occasional money on a very good flash offer, sometimes a guild pack and the campaign pass


You can buy Elden Ring and another game for that price tag.


If you wait for a sale, you can buy a lot of good games for that price. I think my friend bought about 10 for that amount of money during the last steam sale.

I hope that they don’t get a lot of people to buy this stuff because the prices are insane.


I got xcom 2 for $2.


As I wrote in another thread:
I am happy they overpriced Legends Reborn, because I am not tempted AT ALL to buy the Pet. All I do is laugh and do eye rolls


Yeah if it was 5 bucks to get the deed id probably be tempted to get it, glad im not :sweat_smile:

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Greed kills the game in the immediate instance. The bugs a persisent reason to move on.

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Elden Ring was the best AAA game I’ve played in years and my first playthrough was 180 hours of pure quality entertainment. It cost me £55 when it was first released, I could easily play it for a couple more runs and if I get bored of it I can sell it. Yet 505 think £80+ for a pet is market value?

I still buy the campaign because the weekly cost is low and I appreciate that the game costs money to maintain. But these one off purchases which have always been a joke are now somehow getting worse. It’s sad to see.


That’s the bright side of things, isn’t it? :grin:


Absolutely. :laughing:

Easy choice, but it is a good laugh :rofl:

I had an even better laugh when I encountered a glitch that priced the first tier at $499 and so on. :joy:

But to be honest I’m as tempted now as I was when I saw that. :wink:


I really have a bad taste by this event and the way the game has made!

We are here in a community with rules:
No racism
No discrimination
No violence behavior
No politics or religion
and so on…

But making this FREE game is a long past stage
This game is meant for everyone!
I dont think that I have to say that not everyone has the money to spend on a game/ or in a game.

When I play the game now than are there 3 events were asking for using real money and then if you get a new troop a flash offer is directly on your screen, then a missing weapon, then a missing pet, then daily offers the whole game goes from popup to popup with advertising to use real money!

Then are in this event 3 options

  1. free by playing the game WOW that is exactly why I want to play this game earn things by play it and so reach my goals!
  2. using gems to get more resource in these, 1350 gems I havent a gem tree in my garden and im in a guild where I get every week the full gems, but I love to play the team events and use there my gems for!
    1500 Gems cost €110, so I cant say its for free
  3. Using hard cash to get the last resource

That people here are HAPPY that it is overpriced, so they can be sure they dont buy it, make by me alarm bells ringing!

I play this game coz I want to have a great, enjoying time relaxing and close the RL issues for a while away, but I can tell you with so much PAYWALL’S and SPAMMING around with offers I dont relax it face me over and over that everything in life cost real money!

When I still could play other games I bought a game, and then it was clear I could play it hours, days, months even years and from time to time there was a dlc what make the game bigger or a new chapter but in game it was just me and the game!
The fact I cant play these games any longer make the missing of them not lesser, but yesterday it reached my limit and I really felt me placed in a corner by this game!

By concentrating so much on using real money, the game is no longer for everyone to play and in my truly opinion is that a form from of discrimination.

I dont mind that people spend real money in game, and I also dont have the need to have everything what everyone else have, but this game you play in a guild and I dont think it needs many words that you dont want to be the outsider in a guild and then Im an adult with lot of experience and clear borders but what for the kids in this game…

So to came to an end, Im real aware that the makers of this game must be paid but dont price yourself as a free game if its everything except a free game the only free thing is installing the game then it directly starts with spamming offers.

So to make my game more fun again, I would appreciate it a lot coz I see the reactions come with enough playing, patient and the luck factor before you die you can have all for free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Give us then the option to put the spamming out like we also can put out festive theme that should be making a big different in the game I like to play real much!
At last be serious in what an event may cost coz if something is clear in this topic that the price here is way too high for what you get!!

NOTE: its not that I never use real money in game coz that is far from the truth, but in all that times I decide to spend money on it and not by the push I must buy it!
I post this, but every post from me in this community is not only based on my personal situation, its my personal opinion how I think over it and always watch it from all possible ways for the bigger goal!