Not recieving PVP tier rewards in mail (Resolved)

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android 4.3 Galaxy S3

Screenshot or image:
Empty (no)mail?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I always got tier rewards after gaining 100 points, piled them up unopened until tier 1, open them all after that. Mail didn’t show any rewards. I did not collect my daily login reward either until I checked after getting tier 1.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
no idea, just now

Steps to make it happen again
my guess? I was delving in the event at roll over, didn’t see the fresh this week stuff due to time change in US. Later it came in an hour after reset. My guess devs didn’t want players collecting rewards twice for reset. No idea how these relate outside of side effect of not triggering multiple rewards?

FWIW I am having same issue on iOS. Was also delving in event at rollover. I submitted a ticket

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Hey there, sorry this happened :frowning: It’s a known issue the game team are looking into. Please check your in-game mail. @jdk I’ve sent your missing rewards as well.

Were you both online/had the game open over weekly reset (7 am GMT)?


Yes, I was logged in doing a delve. It wasn’t reset at normal time so I kept going, it reset two hours later. Sometimes I can access mail to force load the tributes. I left mail untouched until I hit tier 1, collected the daily reward.
It is better to delay something than crush the game in exploits. Job well done! Even the pet rescue doesn’t restart game if glitches :slight_smile: ) (it did).

To prevent more issues, please try and force close/reopen the game after 7 Am GMT hits each day. Thanks for the additional info :slight_smile:

Thanks @Cyrup :blush: Yes, I also had the game running at reset (also was in Delve event) but did close and restart it 3-4 times after the reset, everything else updated just not PvP. I have also now completed PvP to tier 1 if it’s not too much trouble to send the rest of the rewards, NBD either way if it’s a known issue at this point. Will be more careful to stay offline at reset in the future thanks

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I responded to your ticket. You can be online over reset, I would just be careful to at the least force quit/reopen the game immediately after you’re done what you’re doing (and avoid being online at that exact time can prevent some other issues).