Not recieving gems on xb1

Twice now i completed tasks that were suppposed to yeild 30 gems, and nothing shows up in my gems screen even after restarting game.

If you are talking about the task ‘Level up a kingdom’ it was changed on server side i believe to only yield 3 gems, it still says 30 gems but should only give 3.

Same thing happened to my wife, but she did get it the second time it came around? Don’t know…

You can try sending 505 Games Support a ticket about it.
Otherwise @505GamesSupport hopefully will be able to reply here.

May have to do that, but only if it gets much worse. For the most part, the things we’ve seen have pretty much already been mentioned here by others, with most stating the issue is already known to them.

Plus, I guess I’m pretty patient when it comes to things like this. Knowing GoW is newer to consoles, bugs can be expected. And though annoying, it’s not enough to keep me from wanting to play. I’ve had many guild task not awarded after doing what was called for, but I just keep going with other stuff.

Heck, for the past week and half, my bottom 3 task have been to change to an armor that provides additional xp. mana, etc. … So I’ve only been able to work with the top one anyway, and I guess I will be some time before I can get the bottom 3 accomplished to get anything new. :smile: