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Not receiving revenge rewards

Prior to the last mini-update, I would always receive a little bonus as I completed every 15th revenge win. It was gold/gold/gold/souls at 15/30/45/60 and then the cycle would start over. In the last week or so, I have stopped receiving these rewards. I wasn’t sure at first, since I’m not always aware of where I am on that counter and I sometimes flip through the battle rewards pretty quickly, but once I was suspicious, I slowed down and carefully checked everything before I did my 30th revenge. Once I did this, I confirmed that I definitely did not receive the bonus gold. It happened (or rather didn’t happen) again as I crossed 45 and 60.

I’ve already submitted a ticket to 505, but thought I would put a post up here to see if the same thing is happening to anyone else.

Also, if 505 asks, does anyone know how much the rewards are at each stop? I checked the forum and the closest I got was the PVP community guide that just says that you win a nice basket of gold or souls after every 15 revenge wins.