Not receiving my daily login July prize


I’m still getting my 7 day login prize, but I haven’t received the daily July prize in three days on my Steam account.

I logged on my Xbox One account, & I received both the 7 day & July prize.


The monthly calendar has 28 days @tru38atl. If you have collected all 28 of these rewards then you will not get anything else for the month of July.
I have logged in each day this month so I have not received anything either since the 28th.


Also: there’s no coincidence you didn’t get it for 3 days. The number of rewards in the monthly schedule always allow you to get everything if you miss 3 days.


Thanks for the clarification guys.


This does bring up an interesting question though. For the month of February will they decrease the number of days to 25 (non-leap year), or leave it at 28 and require us to login each day to get all of the rewards. :thinking:


Well, they don’t reduce the rewards to 27 days for months like June, so I’d imagine February it’s be sharp or miss out.


Did you mean April or June? Or is your calendar different from mine?


That might be the case, but the months with 30 days still gives us a 2 day grace period.


Sorry, had a brainfart, and thought June-July were the double 31 day months. This is what I get for not having my coffee before trying to think. :slight_smile:


(sends 33680975 lbs of coffee by Meteorite.)