Not in Chests list

Many many moons ago I maintained a thread that kept a record of what troops were not currently available in chests. Each Monday when things are added I would adjust the post for a quick reference. Figured that since I’ve been back for a month I’d resume the duty with a fresh post. The date in ( ) is my best guess at when they will enter circulation.

Recently Added
Snow Panther (Apr 22)
Silver Oak (Apr 29)
Lord Ehrondil (Apr 29)
Mervorax (May 6)
Court Jester (May 13)

Not in Chests


Man-at-Arms (May 17)

Tracker (May 20)
Urskayan Cat (May 27)
Glutmaw (June 3)

Berengari (May 27)
Quickpaw Jack (June 10)
Red Charlotte (June 10)


Out of Season Imps - Summer, Autumn, Spooky, Winter, Love

The following troops are never in standard chests:

Guild Wars Troops - Aurai, Myzmer, Ogryn, Penguin, Peryton, Troglodyte

Guild Chest Troops - Courage, Honor, Humility, Justice, Loyalty, Sacrifice

Vault Troops - Cedric Sparklesack, Glory Gnome, Jewel Gnome, Pet Gnome, Soul Gnome, Treasure Gnome, Valraven

Treasure Troops - Coin Purse, Gold Ring, Priest’s Chalice, King’s Crown, Genie’s Lamp, Sacred Treasure

Doom event Troops - Doom of Darkness, Doom of Flame, Doom of Ice, Doom of Light, Doom of Nature, Doom of Stone

Faction Troops - Too many to list

Soulforge only Mythics - Xantheos, Zuul’Goth


Can one anticipate which of these will be given on which week at the end of a Guild Wars week?
It seems like I’ve been missing a handful of Troglodytes for such a long time

I couldn’t say, only had one GW since I’ve been back. Sorry.

Wood Rhynax finally made it into chests today. So if you been saving your gold/glory keys for him, go for it.

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Updated. Since Taran can no longer pull chest data I can’t really confirm for fact when troops enter the chests any more.

Should I bother to keep updating?