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[NOT BUG] Draw old mythic card today

Today we should draw new mythic card but I get old one?

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From top down, it looks like the troops you pulled are Pan, Caprinicus, Sylvasi, The Burrow Warden, Satyr Hunter, Satyr Musician and Siren.

They are all Pan’s Vale troops, so I assume you were using event keys. Event keys only give troops for the kingdom of the week, and the drop table does not include the new mythic.

If you were using event keys, this is expected behavior and not a bug.



Also the new Astral Mother Mythic Troop is only currently available in selected Chests.
Again as @Dank mentioned, if you are using Event Keys/Chests, they will not appear in those chests.


There are two conflicting announcements, one in the event section and one as in-game popup. The popup shows this:

Maybe those two should be brought in sync to prevent future confusion?


@Fourdottwoone I’ll pass that on to the team!

Here’s another one to pass on.