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Not a spoiler, but from the beta



Nice addition to troops collection.

Clickbait title. GG. Not.

I am not allowed to share more spoilery stuff :frowning:

How was crafting ZG a spoiler? People have crafted him already. He’s been out for ages.
Pretty confused here tbh.

You are right, it’s not really a spoiler, I’ll change it

Still a misleading clickbait title. Flagged. GG. :-1:

Hahahaha whatever floats your boat <3

Jog on mate.

Whats up with you two. Are you Pokemon Gym rivals or something? :rofl:


He’s just being a sarcastic, condescending, oxygen thief.
Could have named the post what it is; he’s crafted ZG which would have been cool.
Made it clickbait instead.
Kind of a crappy thing to do.
Then again, in today’s world this shouldn’t surprise me.
GG Kiddo.

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hahahaha! found a video of you @jzg and @BilboBaghead. Too funny! :rofl:

Hahahahah that’s great! :joy:

At least they are having fun. :grin:

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Bloody Hell :laughing: