[Not a bug] Why does submerged, blessed, etc, vanish after spell cast?

Minor correction, that’s Submerged.

And what if not…?

I literally cannot name a single game where status buffs have a random chance of expiring – they always function for a specific duration (limited by time or uses). Take Submerged, for example: If an enemy is about to cast a massive AOE on your team, do you really want a random chance that a Submerged troop on your side might get hit?

Enchanted, meanwhile, doesn’t expire upon reaching full Mana but remains in effect until the actual spellcast, which allows it to be more reliably counted towards Boost Ratios and also gives some compensation against Mana Drain (you lose the Mana, sure, but keep the buff).

It’s also useful to note that at least in this game, the “cumulative 10% chance” of a status ailment to wear off is actually a chance to be cleansed of ALL status ailments simultaneously (except Poison).

Right, loop teams once they start rolling you rarely drop your turn. If you are already lucky enough to have all 4 troops ready to cast 1st turn, the chance of you losing your turn is low, and how or when bless vanishes doesnt really matter anymore. Changing how bless behaves wouldnt benefit those cases.

You do lose bless when you take skull

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No, you don’t (unless the enemy has Curse Touch or Banishment).

Also, I misread your post anyway and thought you were referring to losing Blessed when you deal Skull damage, not receive it.

Bless ends when dealing skull damage too, I believe, but don’t think it ends when taking skull damage.

Then it would depend. How long it takes you to cast spells vs how long it takes the RNG to decide to remove an effect, it would vary by match. Sometimes you’d be worse off, I agree, but I think you’d be better off more often than not.

Thinking about this, I have to agree that most games do apply buffs for a specific duration, especially in the case of a buff given by some kind of consumable or item, which is the best comparison to potions. However, I’d argue that gems doesn’t do that now, so that doesn’t help much.
The current system applies the effect for an unlimited duration but removes it upon a set event. If it was applied for a set duration, it would wear off after a set number of turns, like at the start of your third turn after gaining it. I think a set chance to lose it after each turn is closer to a duration system than the current system of unlimited duration and set removal conditions, but maybe you disagree.
As for a buff like submerged ending before an enemy attack, if it worked like negative status effects then it would only wear off at the start of my turn, giving me a chance to reapply it, which is possibly better than the current system where it wears off when a cast a spell or perform a skull attack, both of which typically end my turn. So, the enemy starts their turn ready to launch an attack and I can’t reapply submerged which just got removed by my actions.

Just to raise a current example. My team for this week’s underspire event is as follows: flame troll, wand of stars, magma dragon, lava worm. Not exactly a meta team but it’s OK.
The following happened in a single turn.

  • I cast wand of stars, choosing to bless all allies and create elemental stars. It grants an extra turn and fills all allies mana.
  • I cast lava worm’s spell. It deals damage, loses blessed and creates red gems. I match 4 and gain an extra turn.
  • During the cascade I match skulls and deal skull damage with flame troll, causing it to lose blessed.
  • I cast wand of stars, causing my hero to lose blessed. Now only one of my troops has blessed. I choose to bless all allies and create elemental stars again. It grants an extra turn and fills all allies mana, again.
  • During the cascade I match skulls again, so before the effects of the spell have finished my first troop already loses blessed.
  • I cast lava worm again and deal damage, plus create red gems. It grants an extra turn.
  • I cast magma dragon’s spell. It does not gain an extra turn, ending my turn. Despite granting all allies blessed, twice, I end the turn with only one troop blessed.

My enemy was using an ice team. On the following turn it froze all my troops except my hero, who was still blessed. Not a huge problem, but not ideal given that if they’d been blessed, none would have been frozen.

I’m not saying that having blessed and submerged work like the other status effects would solve everything, but the current system feels odd and some cases feel very wrong. I think if those two status effects worked like others, it would feel fairer. Clearly not everyone is gonna agree, and there’s not really a way to find out what most people would prefer, so I can only point out my opinion and hope it gets considered. If that makes the game better, great. If it gets ignored, well I tried. Hopefully it can’t make the game worse.
Either way, it’s good to see what other people think about how it should work.

You just want the game to work more favorably for you in all instances. The game works the way it does because thats how they made it. I’m sure every player could pick something that doesnt work the way they want it to as well.

Unfortunately thats not how this game works.

Why doesnt Entangle make Stealthy or Dodge go away? Cant be sneaky or Dodge attacks while covered in vines.

Why doesn’t Enrage stay forever? My anger doesnt go away when i hit something only once.

I think Barriers for players should tank 2 hits. Why? Idk i like that better

How come my firestorm doesnt always drop red gems for me and none for the enemy? Its my storm not theirs

Why cant i contine to gain Mana while silenced? I cant cast spells, i dont need my mouth to gain Mana

Why does Bleed only get 4 stacks?

Why does poison not wear off and why not lose life every turn?

Why dont mana surges work on match 4s?

Why cant my troops go to level 500+ like the computer?

How can you be Burned and Frozen at the same time? Burned/Submerged, Burned/Entangled?

How can you do skull damage if youre Frozen? You’re…Frozen…


Did it really happen? You are allowed to use wand of stars in this week underspire?

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Yes, that rule being broken is fine because it works to their (OP’s) advantage.

The same bug that we’ve seen before - if you copy/paste a team, the game allows forbidden weapons to be used (unsuitable troops get deleted from the copied line-up, though).


Yes, I used that team and yes, that actually happened.

Huh, I don’t remember copying and pasting, but it won’t let me use a non-kingdom weapon now, so I guess I did. It’s not a team I’ve used before, I know, because this was the first time I used wand of stars, and it’s quite good.
Either way, I didn’t notice because the game didn’t flag an issue otherwise I’d have used a different team. I must have been using it somewhere where it was a valid team, though, otherwise I couldn’t copy it, so it doesn’t matter where I was using it, really.

Actually my point is that the game should make sense and work consistently. Of the 6 positive status effects, 4 end on use (enraged when dealing damage, barrier and reflect on taking damage and enchant on casting a spell). The other two end “on taking an action”, which is different to everything else. I’d like to know why.
If the game was consistent, it might actually be worse in some cases, as I’ve already agreed already, but it would make more sense and it would be better in SOME other cases. So your sudden nonsense claim that I want it to be more favourable in all instances is either very dumb or clearly disingenuous.

You do realise you’re contradicting yourself?
On the one hand you say however the game works is right, but on the other hand you think that a rule is being broken if someone does something the game allows. Surely that’s"how this game works", too, right?

And now you pull a bunch of non-related nonsense questions from somewhere, that aren’t necessarily about the game being inconsistent. And most aren’t about things not making sense from a lore or gameplay perspective. Well as dumb as I might feel they are, I think I’ll still take a crack at answering them, just in case any were posed in good faith.

Entangled wouldn’t necessarily affect stealthy, because the reason for being stealthy might be based on camouflage, which the vines aren’t affecting. The lore can be made to fit. From a gameplay reason, it’s because only stun effects traits and no status effect targets specific traits, so there’s no inconsistencies there. As for dodge, the gameplay point is the same, but as far as lore goes, being entangled would probably make it harder to dodge, as would being webbed, I guess, if the vines and web bind the troop’s legs. If, however, they bind their arms (or whatever body part they attack with) only, then it would only affect attacking (and spellcasting for webbed), not movement. So, the lore can make sense, and nothing in the game says what part or the troop is affected by entanglement.

Enraged is a single use status effect like barrier, so there’s no gameplay inconsistencies, unless you compare it to submerged and blessed, in which case it should also end on casting a spell because that’s how that troop lashes out in anger, I guess, so that’s debatable but kinda supports the fact that some positive status effects are inconsistent. As for a lore reason, a single attack doesn’t mean a sing hit, it could be a bunch of hits that equal one attack. Either way, the troop is angry and lashes out, satisfying their anger, which makes sense.

Barrier is a single use status effect, so it takes one hit. That’s consistent with others, so increasing it would mean changing them too, in order to stay consistent. From a lore reason, it a magic barrier that prevents one attack, that’s how it works. And your reason of “i like it better” has nothing to do with my argument that things should be consistent.

Storms drop gems for both sides because storms are weather and weather affects a large area, not just one person. That’s just silly. And it affects the gems dropped during a turn which can be matched during the next turn, so having it only trigger on some turns would lower the number of gems available for that colour, so it would be bad from a gameplay perspective.

Why troops can’t get mana while silenced, could be because they eat the mana and silence takes the form of a gag so they can’t eat. From a gameplay perspective, status effects that alter a troops ability to act also limit them gaining stuff, like entangled prevents gaining attack and webbed prevents gaining magic, so it’s consistent.

Bleed has four stacks because that’s as deep as a wound can go without severing limbs, maybe? From a gameplay perspective, it should really cap at one stack, like burn and poison, but it doesn’t. That’s inconsistent, I agree. Feel free to ask the devs why it has multiple stacks but others only have one.

Poison not wearing off is also inconsistent, but I assume it’s to balance the low damage dealt from a gameplay perspective. And it has a chance to trigger, like death mark, so that’s not necessarily inconsistent. From a lore perspective, it takes time to work it’s way through the troop’s system and some troops are tougher than others at resisting it, maybe? But there’s no cure or antidote around, so it doesn’t wear off?

Mana surges not working on four matches, but working on five is also inconsistent and should be changed. The devs have stated it’s for balance, but I agree that it doesn’t make sense from a lore or gameplay perspective.

Your troops are locked at level 20 because you have other ways to raise their stats, from a gameplay perspective. Lore-wise, I guess it’s because there’s some kind of limit to how high a minion can level up, like how summoned troops can’t be a higher level than the magic quantity of the summoner.

You can have multiple status effects that seem contradictory because they are affecting different parts of your body, like your arm burning and your leg frozen. Or your body submerged, but an internal organ burning. Or vines trapping your arms and them burning underneath the vines. Gameplay reason would be that status effects don’t generally interact, other than cursed and blessed which have their own rules.

How you can attack while frozen is simple, your arms are free to move but another part of you is frozen preventing movement, so you can’t attack more than once. Gameplay reason is that frozen is about extra actions, so it doesn’t affect the first one such as skull attack.

So yeah, you seem to agree that some stuff is inconsistent. And I would agree that those things should be looked into, to try and either make them more consistent or come up with a good reason for the inconsistencies. Because that’s my point. The game should be consistent or have a good reason for any necessary inconsistencies.

Yeah most of that makes no sense even with the explanations provided.

Just like me you cant use real world logic to explain game logic. Lets see…

You lose Submerge on action because your target isnt underwater with you, you have to get out to attack.

You lose Bless on action because attacking isnt a wholesome thing and the Gods dont bless unwholesome actions.

Is that a workable explanatin for your original question?

It’s as good an explanation as I’m likely to get, I assume. Lol.