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[NOT A BUG] Whitehelm 75% to hoard not as intended

Platform, device version and operating system:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Stats to be as shown here adjusted.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
every time unless its calculated a odd way
Steps to make it happen again
just start a delve.

If I have a hoard 200 75% of that is 150 so should my effected stats be that of 350 hoard? If so then its not showing up correctly. Either I’m looking at it wrong but it looks to me like it’s wrong unless someone else can explain it to me better?

Last 3 are from outside delve for comparison.

This is my interpretation of it.

Compare to mine which is lvl100+50%


You get a 75% bonus to the stats you receive from your hoard 200.

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You are comparing your stats at true hoard 350 (200 + 75%) to your stats at true hoard 612.5 (350 + 75%), so it is not surprising that they would not agree. Indeed, if we make the correct comparison between true hoard 350 and actual hoard 350, we see that

true hoard 350 (200 + 75%): 63 atk, 31 magic, 127 life, 126 armor
hoard 350 (ignoring kingdom bonus): 64 atk, 31 magic, 127 life, 127 armor

so everything is indeed working as expected, and there is no bug.

On another note, I too would like 142 ice deeds…


Your Hoard level is 200. That means your base stats for it are as follows:

73 Life
72 Armor
36 Attack
18 Magic

At 75% bonus, just take those numbers and multiply them by 1.75, which will give you:

127 Life
126 Armor
63 Attack
31 Magic

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@igniteice @Qoob @Fourdottwoone @Shimrra Well thank you for the input. I just wasn’t sure exactly how where they calculate it from. But if it indeed is correct then I guess how they do the math from where and where it shows eludes me a little. So no a bug just confusing to track then?

@Kafka @Nimhain I just wanted to make sure our interruptions are correct.

Not really confusing at all. The top number as Shimrra pointed out is the amount you’d get if you had no kingdom bonuses. The bottom number is how much is added to it from the kingdom bonuses. Add them together and you get your current value.

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Well then I guess its correct I just be looking at it wrong. If 4 people chime in and agree its working I believe you. Thanks for checking it.


Hey all,

I’m no Math Wizard, just a Support Wizarrd… but @Shimrra is all over it!

The 75% is added to the base skill, and already applied to the total you are seeing.

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