[NOT A BUG] Useless Kingdom Helper daily offer

and this is the point. It should check our collection. Otherwise it’s pure garbage

I’m looking forward to Kingdom Power Level 22 being a thing with someone missing a Mythic (2 required) for that Kingdom, only to be offered 1 event key as if that’ll really help the cause.

Not checking the collection makes this quite broken in some situations. I’m frequently getting offered ultra-rare ingots due to one incomplete power task being weapon upgrade related. However, all my ultra-rare weapons are fully upgraded, there also isn’t any unowned ultra-rare weapon left. Shouldn’t it at least offer me ingots based on the weapons that still need to be upgraded instead of picking them at random and usually ending up with something I definitely don’t need?

The part that rankles most is that I easily have enough ingots to upgrade the weapon in question, I’m intentionally not doing it to avoid getting stuck with an upgrade that makes said weapon next to useless for my play style. First the broken upgrades already reported during the beta get ignored for over two years, despite frequent promises of being worked on, now they also cause us to miss out on useful kingdom offers on top.


Be grateful as I have NEVER received an Imperial offer.

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I got this kingdom helper offer almost every day last two weeks and now it’s time for next level of absurd:



It looks like the game sees you need to bronze medal troops for power level 22 and incorrectly throws you a troop offer, see this analysis. Adding medals to enough Mist of Scales troops will likely make this offer disappear for the time being.

I received the same offer today in the same situation. I don’t have any kingdoms waiting on a pet or class upgrades. Just medals for Mist of Scales troops.