[NOT A BUG] Useless Kingdom Helper daily offer

This i can accept still though, as the resource is currently required to upgrade. If that were the only issue, i’d be glad!

Oh, btw, just in case you didn’t know: you can exchange additional pet copies (after level 20) for food of its color.

yep i know that, but it doesn’t value the gems. So no buy for me. So it’s a loss for DEVs


Offered upgrades could be one of the best features of the game for players ; but, they are not. The offers loop over and over with scraps ; we don’t purchase them because they are not what we as a player actually want or they are not compelling enough. Wow I’m offered 1 pet when I need 10. How generous. Yes I know I should be grateful for one. If it was five even at a higher cost ; yeah bait me and you’ll hook me. One is one; I’m not getting anywhere soon. We want offers to feel like progress. You make every offer part of a dawdle crawl. Make a bigger range of offers; give us choice; we are sick of the drip feed approach; you want to make dollars; make us offers we wont refuse. We currently dismiss; ignore; and even express frustration here about the nonsense offered. Look the game is pay to enjoy and progress at a reasonable pace, stop pretending it is not. Yeah Useless daily offers; shame on you for the piffle offered daily; shame too for your pathetic mishmash of useless daily offers.

Not to mention that the only thing I need right now is imperial deeds. Except I don’t get any offers, while others have received half a dozen or more for no conceivable reason. Please, please, please make the offers more relevant or give me more options to choose from.


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@devs: At least let us know if you will review and fix this or pull the “it works as intended so you’re screwed” trick. But don’t leave us in the dark and keep our hopes up for nothing please.

It happened again today and every single time it’s a slap in the face.

I’ll bring this up with the team.

Currently the game just checks which Kingdom Power Tasks you have which aren’t complete and gives a daily offer based on that - it doesn’t check whether it’s achievable or what you already have in your collection.

The Kingdom Offers are just for Power Level, not Kingdom Level.

Just as a bit of a further explanation, I understand it would be very nice to be offered deals specific to the status of your collection but that does mean the game would need to check every single player’s collection every daily reset, so it was implemented this way originally for optimisation reasons. We do play the game and we do get it.

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Can you confirm that there’s a cap on imperial deed offers? To make sure Player A isn’t able to purchase more than Player B.

There isn’t a cap, they’re just very rare offers.


End gamers are expected to do 3 daily runs of arena then on top of everything else in hopes of keeping up with peers then. Okay thanks.

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Well we have some people in our guild who have had SEVEN ID offers, others maybe none or one. It is just not fair. Also please consider your language, when you say “very rare” (also in Heart of Rage debacle: it is very rare) I expect a “very rare” drop rate comparable To those of ultra rare cards in chests, not a 1:1000 chance. It would really help if you could be more specific, and address the wild variations that players are experiencing. For me, it has been a slap in the face just about every day for the past 4 months every time I go and check my offers.


Thanks a lot for your time and clarification! I hope it will be revised and improved someday.

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I think you misremember how Daily Deals (particularly Kingdom Helper in 2nd slot) works.
Kingdom Helper currently checks the collection. If task for power level requires a troop to mythic rarity and player misses just one troop at the mythic rarity and that troop can be found in chests - the offer will be with that troop. The same with pets.
Power Levels 21+ were introduced after release of Daily Deals. That is probably the reason why Daily Deals don’t work correctly with them.
Power Level 21 requires leveling kingdom with deeds and we have Daily Deal for Deeds so logical assumption would be that Kingdom Helper should give Deed offer (with color matching the kingdom).
The current weird offer of 1 event key doesn’t help at all for reaching Power Level 21.

Also, we currently can’t reach that but I expect that soon similar problem will be with Power Level 22 (requires upgrading troops with Medals and we have Daily Deals with medals which can help with that) and Power Level 24 (requires Imperial Deeds for level 16 and we have Daily Deal with Imperial Deed).


All I know is, I only need imperial deed offers and I only get them once a month if that.

So if I have plenty of resources and all the kingdom stars maxed. Why are imperial deed offers the same rarity as someone who isn’t even close to my power creep? @Kafka is it designed to slow me down so that others can catch up?

And yes I get the “fairness” aspect. But nothing is fair about GoW. Any free to play, but pay to help win game can’t be fair to all. So when I hear “fair” I hear “I don’t want to spend more money (or any money) on the game so please don’t design your game to pressure me to do so.”

It’s just depressing to get soooo many offers that clearly aren’t designed for me at all. And I’m sure many end gamers/high vip feel the same as me.

5.2 is literally made for free to play players. I don’t need a patch dedicated to me. I just want “fair (in regards to my progression) offers”.

It checks if you have an incompleted Power task then it offers you a deal based on that incomplete power task.

It does not check your collection.


and this is the point. It should check our collection. Otherwise it’s pure garbage

I’m looking forward to Kingdom Power Level 22 being a thing with someone missing a Mythic (2 required) for that Kingdom, only to be offered 1 event key as if that’ll really help the cause.

Not checking the collection makes this quite broken in some situations. I’m frequently getting offered ultra-rare ingots due to one incomplete power task being weapon upgrade related. However, all my ultra-rare weapons are fully upgraded, there also isn’t any unowned ultra-rare weapon left. Shouldn’t it at least offer me ingots based on the weapons that still need to be upgraded instead of picking them at random and usually ending up with something I definitely don’t need?

The part that rankles most is that I easily have enough ingots to upgrade the weapon in question, I’m intentionally not doing it to avoid getting stuck with an upgrade that makes said weapon next to useless for my play style. First the broken upgrades already reported during the beta get ignored for over two years, despite frequent promises of being worked on, now they also cause us to miss out on useful kingdom offers on top.


Be grateful as I have NEVER received an Imperial offer.

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I got this kingdom helper offer almost every day last two weeks and now it’s time for next level of absurd:



It looks like the game sees you need to bronze medal troops for power level 22 and incorrectly throws you a troop offer, see this analysis. Adding medals to enough Mist of Scales troops will likely make this offer disappear for the time being.