(Not a Bug) The Zephyros troop card issue? - It just won't drop for me!

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PC, Steam client, Game:, OS: Win 7x64 Home Premium SP1

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I have gotten my Zephyros troop card a very long time ago, the 10th copy.
Of course, I need one more to get the 11th one, so that I can ascend this troop.
Problem is that it’s the ONLY card that I can’t seem to get, even after opening several thousands of Chests with Keys of that rarity. I am strongly suspecting that this could be a general issue, or an issue related to my account alone.

When did it begin happening?
My last card of that type was probably over two months ago.

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Hero: Bronka
Level: 1270+
Guild: Hoguns

It took me like, 8 months to get my first copy of Marilith. It could be some weirdo quirk of the RNG, but getting that one last card’s really frustrating when there’s only a less-than-1% chance any Epic you get is Zephyros.

Maybe keep an eye on the Soulforge, the summoning stones are actually nice for these weirdo stragglers.


Epics can be far worst to obtain even then the legendaries (wider pool and also 15 copies to ascend to mythic) so if they don’t drop from the random runs, i would suggest either…

• use event keys on the kingdom weeks
• use the summoning stones

I personally had trouble with Bull Tauros and Lady Garnetia and recently got +10 copies while trying to get the World Breaker on Divinion field week with event keys while Lady Garnetia was upgraded to mythic through the summoning stone recently.


I tried both, but no luck so far.

I don’t know if it’s an rng issue or not but man, I have been trying to ascend my werewolf card to legendary for over a year now. He was my first epic I got out of the chests ever so he’s kind of special to me. I’d like to think it’s the rng but it’s gonna really suck if I find out it’s a bug. I do have my Zephyros at mythic.

Several times in the past cards have vanished from the drop pool, and there’s no easy way to tell since that data is server side. The client side copy of card distribution can be wrong.




^ Glory, Gem, VIP, Event, for Zephyros. I agree with this:

for both Troops and Ingots. Even with thousands upon thousands of chests, the odds probably aren’t that much in your favour.

Hey Zephyros is available in Chests, good luck finding him!

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I may have many things, but luck is not one of them.

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