[Not a bug] Superfluous "souls" effect appearing during battle

Platform: Switch (current version)

Screenshots or video:


For some time now, during battles a “souls collected” visual/audio effect may display atop troop slot #1, of either team, regardless of whether that slot is empty or a Troop. After recording and reviewing several incidents of this, it appears to be related to the new Ghost Gems that drop during the current Campaign.

This “souls” effect is audiovisual only; no Souls are actually collected when it plays (having already been collected from the Ghost Gem), and it is not associated with any Spell (e.g. Phylactery), Trait (e.g. Soul Caller), or actual kill.

It is the effect to destroying ghost gems. Enemy side.

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No it can definitely occur on both sides, but it is certainly more obvious when it occurs over an empty Slot #1. After analyzing a dozen incidents, I can agree that it does seem related to collecting Souls from a Ghost Gem, as there never failed to be one involved.

Aaand I didn’t forget about the video either:

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Hello, :slight_smile:

Please note that this is not a bug.

The Souls (which you see the animation for) are not being collected as you have reached the battle limit of 100 Souls before destroying that Ghost Gem. This is as you can’t earn more than 100 in a battle.

In other words, this only occurs after you’ve hit the Souls limit in-battle? (Yes, I was running a triple-Necromancy team for Souls farming, but that aside.) If so, that does not make any sense as an underlying explanation. This is of course the graphical effect is associated with generating Souls (and by adjacency, killing a Troop), whether the cap is reached or not.

Compare any Spell that collects Gold – and maybe we should compare Booty Gems while we’re at it?

As someone with casual experience with bug-tracking systems, “Not a bug” seems an incorrect designation, albeit the correct designation would be a Severity / Impact classification of “trivial”, as there is no real impact on actual behavior, it’s just a graphical oddity that is confusing to the user.