[Not a bug] Something wrong about Journey scoring

Platform, device version and operating system:* iOS , iPad mini 5th /iPhone 13 17.4.1 and MacBook Pro Sonoma 14.2.1

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened: I upgraded the Cartography to Max level including the Elite level and included for the Journey battle. I had 50 battles os far but the scoring points are very very low. I don’t understand why the score is so low since I fought for the highest miles opponents for each fight.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I have no idea why this happened

Steps to make it happen again

I guess if I do battle, still getting low score.

yes the scoring for journey is so stupid. for max points:
pathfinder needs to be max
fight cannot exceed 10 turns
an ally cannot die


Unfortunately, the Miles shown on the map are only the maximum miles the battle is eligible for.

Battles lasting longer than 10 turns, and any deaths on your side can reduce gains by up to (approximately) half the original value – and this is applied BEFORE the Pathfinder trait multiplier.

I wish the presentation was inverted – the Map should display the guaranteed minimum miles so you always get the same or more from that battle (even if the inner calculation goes unchanged). Compare how in World Events, the collectible drops are often randomized but the official post states the minimum value received.

Im sorry , The battle took less than 10 turns all the fight.
Probably you should check my activity trace to answer this bug issue.


OP has pretty high endgame stats and this is in the early stages of event though… is it likely they’ve been losing the max miles every single battle since battle #1? Not sure it’s even possible to die with those stats (plus all the event potions) until at least lvl 100 …

An epic x2 multiplier, after just 30 battles, can have 2500 points. (observed in my guild this week)

At mythic x3, 50 battles and only 2700 looks suspicious to me, but I haven’t done the math. Is it mathematically possible?

Two others in my guild with x3 and 51 battles are both over 6400 right now

Take one battle away, say even a 225 for a boss battle, that’s 6175

That’s a 3475 pt difference, divide by 50 is an average score penalty of -70 pts per battle? Not even one lucky skull cascade along the way for a quick win in the early rounds?

But what do I know. Journey is not great, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s possible even if it seems improbable

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Let’s see, I was at about 20 battles myself, with 1400 miles and ~Lv.80 cpu teams. Pathfinder (epic) only became fully traited about 10 battles in (via Major Orb of Wisdom). By 30 battles, I have ~2200 points. Yeah, that checks out.

After factoring for the battle count and Mythic Pathfinder trait? That would average 18 miles per battle, not technically impossible but … yeah, I see it now, definitely suspicious.

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Hey folks,

We made sure to test this before we head into the Easter weekend and the scoring is working as intended.

To clarify about how the score is calculated:

(Base Miles * Pathfinder bonus) - (Miles Lost * Pathfinder bonus) = Miles awarded

Example from one of the tests we did:

Base miles were 75 on the Journey Map x 3 Pathfinder Bonus = 225 Miles
11 Turns were taken so 1 x 3 Pathfinder = 3 Miles
225 Miles - 3 Miles = 222 Miles
222 Miles is what appeared on the reward screen.

We manually counted turns and extra turns taken both by the player and the opponent on a notepad.
We then compared these numbers to what was logged on the game server to make sure the logged numbers were correct.

This is the way the Journey Scoring has always been calculated.

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That is very simple and easy to understand. That is how it should be scored instead of complicating everything with turns and whatever.


Hmm, it sure looks suspicious.

First off, OP’s score is not a multiple of 3, but it should be with maxed pathfinder.
Second, in the case of

50 battles should yield - using my data - 6435 miles (I assume miles offered are the same for everybody?), even if we account for maximum penalty (which in itself is pretty impossible without seriously trying for low level fights) it should still be 4935 miles, and we clearly see in OP’s screenshots that the score is much lower.
Third, if the game, for some reason, discounted pathfinder trait entirely, the score for 50 battles should be 2145 miles, but screenshot shows 2701.

In any case, this strange issue seems to affect only some random accounts (for example, there’s a player in my guild with 72 games and 5288 points - looks suspicious).

The only safe thing to say is that nothing will be done before the event ends, no compensation will be offered after the event and nobody will even acknowledge there might be an issue.
Actual video recording of a battle showing wacky miles received might’ve helped with the latter point, but now it’s too late for that, too, as they’ve gone into hiding for holidays.


You may want to investigate their account’s event progress specifically, because something about their numbers is not adding up.

  • E.g. I have about 2200 Miles after 30 battles using only an Epic (x2) Pathfinder, for an average of ~32 miles per battle.
  • OP shows 2700 Miles after 50 battles using a Mythic (x3) Pathfinder, for an average of ~18 miles per battle?

How am I gaining, on average, twice the miles per battle that they are despite a lower Pathfinder trait? What else is going on here?

OP, if you can give another screenshot of your total progress after 60 or 70 battles we can check the difference between them to see if it’s at least consistent. You did not fight any significant battles prior to fully ascending/traiting the Troop?


It usually doesn’t take 50 battles to understand. You already know the expected result. 225, 105, 90. You can understand after one battle - the captain is broken if instead of 90 you get 30. How many points were given for the battle?
The score may be affected by transferring from another guild.

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44 Battles were played before the Cartographer had any Traits unlocked.


And here we have the biggest problem on this forum

The OP has a team score over 20k. So is a middle to end game player.

Yet after years, doesn’t know if you don’t unlock a trait, it doesn’t work.

Which gets other members, thinking something is wrong with the game.

I think apologies are definitely in order over this post, but I’m sure Kafka won’t get them.

Score is correct , because either the OP is misleading people on purpose , or after years still doesn’t know how to play events.

I’m so happy Kafka looked into this one

And maybe from now on, the posters can make sure they are playing properly before lighting a fire .


I’m sure the OP knew this and thought they had all 3 traits unlocked and just made a simple mistake.

It’s also easy to misremember details like whether or not you’d traited something or taken some other action and what the timing of it was when you’re potentially playing hundreds of battles across different game modes etc.

Mistakes like this aren’t a reflection on anyone’s knowledge, experience, skill level or credibility.

We’re all only human after all :musical_note:


I must be missing something

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Your to nice.

Imagine you or a dev, making a simple human mistake.
As you put it.

Let’s hope people, respond like you just did :blush:

Everyone assumed, there was a bug.

And we all know what assuming makes us.

Maybe an apology for assuming there was a bug.


Based on available-at-the-time (albeit ultimately incomplete) information, yeah. What else could we do?

Not believe everything your told, would be a great start.

You know, like the PvP is so bad, I can only win one in ten crowd.

There’s a lot of fake news, incomplete information as you call it on this forum.

The boy who cried wolf comes to mind.

Also taking up Kafka’s time, looking into incomplete information, means he’s not looking at other real issues.

Maybe a more common sense take on things, from forum members is needed.