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[NOT A BUG] S.O.L.A.R. true damage issue

Platform, device version and operating system: Xbox One

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When casting the new creatures spell, solar flare, against valraven nothing happens. I’m aware that the Raven is immune to burning, but the true damage should work.

**How often does this happen? When did it begin

Every time it is cast against valraven

Every time in the guild event shooting stars
Steps to make it happen again
Cast Solar flare against valraven

Valraven isn’t even immune to burning.

Are you sure it didn’t just proc the alternative spell effect, granting life and attack instead of dealing damage and burn?


Altough you have to select an enemy when casting S.O.L.A.R, their spell do either thing or other (True Damage + Burn) OR (Gain Life and Attack).

The true damage should still work even if they are immune to burning. It happens every time against the valraven. Everything else it works as stated.

(Wording of the spell for reference)
Deal 16 true damage and burn them or gain 16 life and attack.

I’m not sure what the disconnect here is…
If you cast the spell enough, eventually it’ll do true damage against the Valraven. I know it’s easy to assume the chances are 50/50.
They probably aren’t. Against a Valraven you probably have a 10% chance of doing true damage and 90% chance of granting life and attack.

Any troop that has an “or” mechanic to its cast is automatically garbage since it’ll be programmed to screw the player over.

Welcome back to Gems of War, or more accurately titled recently, Gems developers at war passive aggressively with their player base. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do understand the “or” part. I’m level 1044. I’m not new.
When I cast it on Valraven, NOTHING HAPPENS. I do not do damage, nothing burns, I do NOT get life nor attack.

That part made me assume you were a newer player. My bad.

I hadn’t used the troop when I tried to help prior.

Now I just did. 🤷


You not only debunked OPs claim but it also showed a 50/50 split when casting lol. Only two data points but still funny. Almost as if it’s working as intended. :thinking:

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Ok I’ll just trash this troop. Glad it works for you. I tried it multiple times in the shooting stars event, wasting turns against valraven. It’s really nice to get snarky responses. Super fun.

Then you could have easily captured a video to prove your point. I suggest wasting one more turn, for science.

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Super jealous of Xbox players ability to record what just happened. Yet I rarely see it utilized in bug reports here.
Every time I run into a bug in other games on Xbox I record it and do nothing with the video. It’s almost ironic. Lol

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I think the misunderstanding came from different grouping of words.
If I say it like this:

(deal 16 true damage) AND ((burn them) OR (gain 16 life and attack))

then you are right.

However most people grouped the words like this:

(deal 16 true damage and burn them) OR (gain 16 life and attack)

Your grouping would result in a decent troop but in reality it is a junk.

Since logical AND and OR operators has the same precedence in most systems, the spell has an unfortunate wording. I agree on that.

To justify the bad troop mechanic. A piece of the Artifact lore. Week 5.

“Well that was close! Sparkgrinder’s inventions quite often backfire, so we certainly didn’t trust the modifications to his rice-cooker which he assured us could make the sun rise again. That crisis averted, we set out for Pan’s Vale, in search of Argos the Satyr who could hopefully help us trap the light of a rainbow”.