[Not a Bug] Reflected damage is too strong

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When I hit unit with “reflect skull damage” (It was Infernal Armor in my case, as you see), I expect to take 25% of damage I did. I.e. if unit have 20HP, I must receive 4HP damage back.

In reality, I get quarter of my full attack strength, regardless of enemy HP. Looks quite wrong for me, and very harmful for my set, tuned to maximize hero attack.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I noticed it only once, but I guess it always was here.

Steps to make it happen again

  1. Enter in battle with reflecting troops.
  2. Diminish their HP to the really low numbers.
  3. Hit them hard, and observe as 10 damages (to kill the enemy) transforms to 60 damages to you (quarter of attack).

That’s happened to me in delves, I had not been aware. I think its universally the case, whether its “correct” and “working as intended” or not is a question for the devs.

Definitely a bug, every other damage like life steal is limited to enemy health.

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Isn’t this a change implemented due those traits/talents that always reduce spell damage?

If our troops could only deal a max amount of damage equal to the enemies current Life, and the damage is always rounded down, then we would never be able to kill the enemies on Hall of Guardians with spells or the enemy hero with that talent. I’m quite sure the devs changed it because of the talent…

Split damage still backfires pretty amusingly on the spell block traits. Get something with 100~ damage and your troop has 10hp, leaves it on 3… leaves it on 2… leaves it on 1… then gets it.

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Ah that’s probably what i was vaguely remembering then…

Um, I believe, you are mixing two different calculations. One is “how much damage unit will receive” - that one is usually referred as “damage” and always limited by unit health. And second is “how big is attack” - and this is determined by attack, but not limited, of course. But trait description says about skull damage, not attack.

Also, look on it in most perverted way: let’s we have unit with blocking damage buff (Energy shield, for example). With current mechanics, theoretically speaking, attacked unit will receive zero damage, obviously, but attacker still will get his 25% damage. I dunno if it’s the case, because it’s somewhat hard to organize - but is it still looks correct for you? :slight_smile:

I mentioned the possibility that the devs changed something allowing troops to do “full damage” instead of “only enough to kill damage”.

If a troop has 40 of life and 10% damage reduction would be attackd for 150 damage then in one instance it would survive with 4 life as the attacker would never cause full damage but “only enough to kill”.

It was a mistaken interpretation from my part as i was vaguely remembering some threads about a talent reducing damage on scatter spells as Shimra mentioned.

A moderator/dev need to check things here and answer if they can or intend to change this behavior about damage on weaker troops reflecting damage at full power, it’s probably easy to fix with some math applied.

I understood. And tried to explain. Unfortunately, badly, it seems. Ok, let’s try to repeat how I see it.

  1. Attack determined. As (unit attack+5-skull attack)*modifiers (enrage, for example. Or Hunter mark. Or “double damage against submerged units”. Or “poisoned”. Or something. And “reduce damage” modifiers multiplied here too).
  2. Damage calculated. That is either equal to attack (if health-attack>0), either equal to health (otherwise).

You presuming that attack IS the damage. And only after that modifiers applied. It’s theoretically possible, but looks complicated and wrong, so I doubt it works this way. :slight_smile:

I’m not presuming, i just mentioned how the game is treating it, and i agree with you. Personally i never noticed it before because i play with more spell-based teams since it’s strategically better since we have only a few traits and talents capable of reducing spell damage and a lot reducing skull damage. But to each their own, skull strategies shouldn’t suffer even more with 1 life troops reflecting 100+ damage back.

Hey, this is working as intended.

The full attack damage is used to calculate the reflection damage.

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Thank you, Kafka.