[Not a bug] PvP restrictions different in every platform

It seems that every platform has different PvP region restrictions this week.

Is this a permanent change or a mistake?

Hello :slight_smile:

Please provide a screencapture of this issue for the development team to see!

Please also let us know if closing Gems of War entirely and ensuring the game is up to date fixes this?

I have only PlayStation and my game is up to date. How about if your development team checks this from their end? I have asked from Xbox and PC/Mobile users and all different platforms have different PvP restrictions, which was NOT the case in previous weeks.

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Hello :slight_smile:

I double checked with the development team and this is not a bug.

As the consoles are on their own servers and separate to the PC/Mobile servers, occasionally different region restrictions can appear.

If you however notice people on the same platform or PC/Mobile platforms having different PVP Region restrictions please let us know as it would be a different issue entirely! :slight_smile:

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Okay. I find it quite interesting though that this is the very first week so far that different platforms have different region restrictions. All platforms have had identical restrictions in the previous 22 weeks of PvP.